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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Its that time of year again where you scour online to try and find the perfect gift for your loved one for Valentines day...well look no further as I've teamed up with Chocolate treasures to show you their gorgeous chocolates with a hidden jewel in every box worth between £20-£250!!! 

The chocolates inside this beautifully packaged box are seriously the most luxurious chocolates out there and I promise your other half will be smitten with this gift..and you of course! You get 24 chocolates inside each box, the perfect amount to share...if you want to!

You can choose from Earnings, Necklace or a Ring and also leave any preferences like style, fav colours etc in the order box on their website. The quality of the jewelry is so nice and not cheap at all! Although the earnings in this box were valued at £20 they look so much more expensive. They are 925 sterling silver so don't make your ears green or itchy which is always a plus as I find most earnings do. You can feel just by the weight alone that the jewelry quality is fantastic!

Visit to purchase yours today in time for Valentines Day!

Summer & Dan the owners of Chocolate Treasures have been extra specially kind and given me a unique code : SJ25 : for 25% off!! (non affiliated code) exp. 15th Feb 2017

Their customer service is impeccable and this is such a unique gift that its sure to wow your partner this long as they love chocolate and Jewels of course...Who doesn't?

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