Tuesday, November 29, 2016

For a while now Craig and I haven't been enjoying making wall stickers for a living. I still love designing but manually making each and every wall sticker order by hand in our tiny office was starting to take its toll. The busier we got the more unhappy we where going to work as it was so cramped and cluttered with hardly any space to move let alone make cut weed tape and pack orders. So with that being said...we decided with a heavy heart to close Vunk.co.uk and stop selling Wall stickers.

Even though we both know this decision is the right thing to do for us both, it's still a risk closing something that's made us a living for years now. but it's a risk we are willing to take because quality of life is more important and working all hours of the day and weekends was really starting to get us down. I can now concentrate on what I love most...illustrating and graphic design for my website sjillustration.bigcartel.com
So....as you can see...I have a whole new office space and set up. We no longer need a 4ft x 6ft table in a 6ft x 8ft room to make wall stickers on so we whipped out the jigsaw and starting creating a new desk . We both wanted a fresh modern and inspiring work space to keep us motivated and happy whilst we work. I painted the new desk white and we rearranged the room so it's much more spacious and easier to work in.
I also painted the office white so that any colour would be added by cool quirky accessories. I immediately printed some artwork off of Pinterest and created a mini gallery style display above my computer.
Being my own boss how could I not have a GIRL BOSS print on my wall. I love unusual art so the raccoon painting by   is so beautiful to look at and I think it fits in really well with the mix of colours I've chosen as well as a few monochrome prints.
Of course I wasn't going to not have a few up to date photos of Craig & I and our beautiful boy Scottie Cat. I've used a cactus wire photo holder from Primark to hold these pictures.

And lastly but certainly not least...you all know how much I LOVE creating things and craft in general. We will be getting some small succulent plants soon but for the time being I've made these origami cacti which I've placed in brown shredded paper inside of empty coffee cans. I'm really pleased with how these turned out as they were my first origami cacti and I they were super easy and quick to make.
I also added some fairy lights around my computer and a 'work like a Boss!' watercolour background which makes me smile everyday! id love to hear your thoughts on our new office space / design studio? Im so pleased that I can stop pinning inspo and dreaming of a pretty office because we now have an office we enjoy as much as I adore my job!

If you've not already checked out my website sjillustration.bigcartel.com then I hope you like it and also my full range of art prints is still available on my eBay Store here.

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