Thursday, September 29, 2016

As some of you may know by now I've been uploading daily vlogs on my youtube channel all throughout September which I've been calling Vlogtember. I've kind of changed up the format a little though to fit around my non existent schedule so Instead of uploading everyday, I'm filming everyday and then uploading as soon as I can. So its not the typical vlogtember/vlogust situation. 

Ive really enjoyed the whole filming and editing process and also its been made so much easier by having my new galaxy s6. I can finally film and edit all on my phone and even export and upload within less than 10 minutes. If your familiar with exporting footage this process normally takes me like 3-4 hours on my desktop computer so its a massive bonus being able to edit and export in my phone.  Its also incredibly easy by editing on an app called cyber-link power director. I did have to pay around £3 for an upgrade so that i can export in 1080p quality but thats so inexpensive its totally worth it. 

Ive linked my Vlogtember Playlist below for you to check out if you like :) Its so random as everyday is so unpredictable and some days there wasn't a whole load going on but that's everyday vlogging for you keeping it real. I hope you enjoy my Vlogtember episodes and be sure to let me know in the comments that you came from my blog x

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