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I love gel nail polishes so when my friend ordered a polish from BlueSky gel nail polish I as intrigued as I hadn't heard of that brand previously. The polish my friend had was the temperature colour changing gel nail polish which unless I'm super late to the party, I totally haven't seen a polish like this before!

I was so wowed by the BlueSky Colour Changing gel polish in the shade Bubblez, I sent them an emailing stating how much I loved their innovative new gel polishes and was totally blown away when they sent me their new Double Denim collection of gel polishes, their base and top coats and two of the colour changing gel polishes to review.
The Double Denim collection is stunning!! With a selection of blue denim shades and 3 complimentary shades to accent them, you really can mix up your nails this summer! 

What BlueSky say about their Double Denim collection

'Jeans are an all-season staple in anyone’s wardrobe. Now that summer is in full swing, you’ll probably get to wear out more of your favorite denim. Bold, eye-catching and stunning gel colours, our Double Denim Summer Collection fits perfectly those summer outfits that make you look so fabulous. Get the perfect denim statement for a monochromatic or mix-match looks that looks fantastic!'
My favourite shades for summer out of the double denim collection have to be the Demon Sparkle and Powder Puff. These are just so pretty in the sun! They have a very finely milled glitter fleck to them which I absolutely adore. I do like Electricity and Deep Sea but these shades for me are more autumnal shades which will look perfect with my winter denim fashion.
Lemon Sorbet looks incredible on the first day but after a day it starts to look more on the green lime side of yellow which can look a little off. For me it's not bright enough to be a neon yellow but then not pastel enough to be a Sorbet inspired yellow. But that's my personal honest opinion, I wouldn't want this shade on my nails for 2 weeks, but its perfect for a one night 'matching your outfit' type of situation. 

What Makes Us Love Bluesky Gel Polish?

♥ Hard as nails high gloss finish.

♥ Lasts up to 14 days.

♥ Cures with UV or LED lamp. It’s your choice!

♥ Over 500 amazing colours to choose from.

♥ Will not damage your nails

♥ High quality gel nail polish at a fantastic price!

I'm also unfortunately not too keen on Java Latte but each to their own, somebody else might love it! But for my skin tone it just washes me out and looks a bit bland.
The BlueSky colour changing gel polish is the bomb!! The bright fascia pink is the temperature colour changing polish in the shade Bubblez and the lighter pink is the sunlight colour change polish in the shade pinch of peach. These are a whole load of fun as they change so quickly and back again, it really is fascinating to watch.
As you can see from the images below when Bubblez is hot it turns the polish totally opaque white with glitter flecks. But as soon as your cold it changes to a bright fascia pink which is so pretty! It's fun to wash your hands when wearing Bubblez as generally they are white as normal body temperature is quite warm, well mine is anyway. But run your hand under the cold tap and they are pink again! I was fascinated by this fast innovative formula.
I haven't got a good picture of Pinch of peach in action but if you follow me on Snapchat or instagram then you'll see a short clip of the colour changing when exposed to sunlight! The peachy pink shade is really unusual and unlike any pink polish I've used before!
I find it's a really complimentary shades on many skin tones and when it turns purple in sunlight it's even more stunning with the glitter throughout it.
BlueSky also sent me their base & top coats for the perfect manicure from start to finish. The BlueSky  nail polish I've found does last a good 10 days without any chipping at all but as I work such a manual job the 2 weeks chip free is a stretch but it's so pretty that I dont mind redoing it touching up a few nails. My thumbs and fore finger along the edges normally chip first. I use the Bluesky Gel Wipe Pads which are nail cleanser pad that are an essential part of any gel manicure ensuring a shiny, glossy finished look that will make your gel finish last longer. The finish on my nails is beautifully shiny! 

Diana from BlueSky was so very kind and made me a discount code and graphic to share with my lovely readers & followers!

This code is applicable until the 31st August and entitles you to 10% off your first order on . Enter SOPHIE10 at checkout to redeem your 10% off!

Have you tried any of the BlueSky gel nail polishes by shellac nails? Let me know in the comments which shade is your favourite from the double denim collection?

*This post contains products sent for consideration of review. All opinions are 100% my own and honest.

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