Monday, March 14, 2016

Last Thursday was Craig's birthday and he has been saying for a while now that he wanted to get back into skateboarding! He used to skate when he was younger  but hasn't been on a skateboard in over 10 years! I'd never seen Craig Skateboard so I reached out to Skate Warehouse in the hope that they would like us to review one of their skateboards! Luckily for Craig they did and a brand new Venom Scorpion Skateboard arrived the day after his birthday!!

This post isn't coming from a pro skater or even someone with any prior knowledge of skateboards but I figured this post would be perfect for ladies or parents thinking about purchasing a board for their partner or child as it can be daunting trying to figure out which board would be best to start off with! 

The skateboard its self is perfect for beginners/ intermediate riders and as its a complete skateboards it arrives ready to roll, literally! It's available in 4 different colour options for £24.95!! 

Skate warehouse are super friendly and as they have a live chat help on their website, they are ready to answer all of your questions and assist you with your purchases, which I found so  helpful! I told them briefly about Craig's history with skateboards and they recommended me a few beginner boards.

What Skate warehouse say about the Venom Scorpion complete Skateboard - 

Deck: The 8” x 31” deck gives the perfect size for ramp tricks or street. The deck is made from 9 plys maple (maple is the Industry standard in all Pro boards), and uses cold pressing techniques to give the deck a super long life.

Trucks: The trucks are made from light Aluminium and measure 5” which is the perfect width for this board and come in a raw finish.

Wheels: These 52mm/100a are colour coded to match the board. They are made from high quality urethane (rubber).

Bearings: These are ABEC 7 which means they will spin fast and give a super smooth ride, they also have red shields.

The board is also set up with 1” mounting bolts, and full grip tape on the top!

They also recommended the Venom Strike boards also as they were a little less of a beginner board but we preferred the Scorpion design in the first board. Skate Warehouse also very kindly sent Craig a Venom T multi tool which is all you'll need to change everything on a skateboard. Featuring a 3/8'' wrench for truck hardware, a 1/2'' wrench for axle nuts, a 9/16'' wrench for kingpin nuts and a Phillips 1/8'' Allen L-wrench. He has used this tool so far to tighten his trucks a little a they were a bit loose and tightening the trucks makes the board more stable when learning new tricks etc.

As you can see Craig was so pleased with his new board, we took it straight down our local cycle route and it was so much fun! Seeing Craig Skateboard totally surprised me as in 9 years I'd never seen his Skate so it was really nice to see him in his element again after so long! Check out this short video of the board in action...

And of course Scottie isn't one to miss a photo opportunity and sat straight on Craig's new board without even being prompted! He does however love the grip tape a little too much and has tried a few times to scratch it with his claws. Might have to get him some grip tape just for him to rag.

Overall our experience with Skate Warehouse has been so positive and they couldn't have been more helpful! Their delivery was exceptionally fast as we spoke to them late Wednesday evening and the board arrived first thing Friday morning so super quick service. The board was also extremely well packaged and also included a few board stickers to decorate the new board with. 

I highly recommend you check out their website for fantastic boards at affordable prices and be sure to follow their social sites to be first to know about deals and offers. Warehouse Wednesdays are also something to keep an eye on as they add 2 new massive discounts every week! And if your lucky enough to live near Brightley Mill in Devon head into their Skate Shop which is packed full of awesome skate related products! 

What do you think of the Venom Skateboard? Know anyone who would love Skate Warehouse? Let me know in the comments below. 

*This post is sponsored by all opinions are 100% honest and reliable. I have not been paid by to feature their website/products. 

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