Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A new year and a bunch of amazing fresh new scents from Scented Candle Heaven. Lynne from Scented Candle Heaven sent me a fantastic selection of their Wax melts from their website and I couldn't be happier with the scents I received. From Fresh Fruity fragrances which you all know by now are my fav to clean linen relaxing fragrances which I cannot wait to melt in my burner. Ive already started melting a few of the grubbie squares and I'm so pleased with the quality of the scents so far!

All of the Scented Candle Grubby Squares are made with US grade oils and para / soy blend wax for maximum throw and quality, and you really can tell as these smell so nice and dont give me a headache like some wax melts have before. They aren't over powering yet the fragrances float around the house making every room smell gorgeous! 
My favourite so far has to be the Fizzy Grape grubby. Its so fresh and yummy smelling, It fills the house with this strong but not over powering grape fragrance which I LOVE as grape is one of my all time favourite scents.It's just perfect with a slight fizzy kick to the fragrance. 
My next favourite from the selection of Grubby squares is this super unique Lattice pie grubby called Banana Cream Pie. Its unlike anything I've ever seen before and it smells divine! The banana isn't too overpowering at all and its not sickly which I did think it perhaps would be being a creamy scent, But its perfect! I think this grubby would be a delight to burn in the kitchen on a fresh spring day or even a dull cold day as its such a homely warming fragrance. 

Scented Candle heaven are a fab company with a huge following on Facebook, They have over 12,000 likes on their facebook page so be sure to go over and LIKE their page here to be the first to know about new fragrances and competitions!

I cannot wait to melt some more of my Scented Candle Heaven Wax Grubbies and I'm sure I will be mentioning them soon in a Favourites video on my YouTube channel so if your not already subscribed click here!

Thank you again to Lynne for sending me such a nice selection of Grubbies and for her great customer service! Lynne has been so lovely and thoughtful when picking out some fragrances for me to try, keeping in mind my preferences and favourites. If your unsure which of the Grubbies would appeal to you best be sure to contact Lynne as I'm sure she will be more than willing to help advise you. 

Let me know in the comments if you've tried any of the Scented Candle Heaven grubbies and if not check out their selection and let me know in the comments which fragrances appeal to you most, I'd love to know your preferences?

* This post contains products sent for consideration of review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. 

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