Sunday, November 01, 2015

As Halloween weekend comes to an end for another year, I wanted to share with you a quick and easy half face glam sugar skull makeup tutorial. I actually made this last year but ran out of time to upload it. I'll keep the steps as brief as possible as this post is super pic heavy and Halloween will be over before you've finished reading the post! I hope you enjoy this pictorial and I also hope you've had a fantastic Halloween! 
STEP 1 - Apply white cream makeup to one side of your face and set with white face powder. 
Step 2 - Using a large fluffy powder brush, start contouring your cheek bones, jaw and temples of the face. I used Beauty UK posh palette no4 Galaxy for this.
Step 3 - take a pencil brush and some black eye-shadow and outline your cheekbone down to your jaw bone. 
Step 4 - Then using a small fluffy shadow brush, blend out the same line to add dimension and a 3D effect to the cheekbone.
Step 5 - Apply a Plum eyeshadow all over and around the eyelid to create a deep purple smokey eye.
Step 6 - Using a black eye shadow, create a large black circle around the purple smokey eye and in the whole socket of the eye. 
Step 7 - Then using a black eye liner, liquid or pencil, create a scallop shape border around the black eye socket. 
Step 8 - Using a small detailer brush, fill the scallop border in with a purple eyeshadow. 
Step 9 - Create a half love heart shape on half of your nose as shown above and fill in with black eyeshdow. 
Step 10 - With the black eye liner create a swirly line from the corner of your mouth and up towards your temple. Add swirls off of this line for a more feminine pretty look.
Step 11 - Start by drawing a wide V shape on the one half of your forehead and then draw a centre line in the V. Then between these 3 lines draw curved lines to create a spider web effect. Also connect the web and nose with a straight black line and draw a smaller half heart on your chin. 
Step 12 - Use the same plum shadow you used for your smokey eye and add shadows to the spider web lines and swirly lines around your face. 
Step 13 - Apply a black lipstick or eye-shadow to the outer corner of your lips on the skull side then apply a plum lipstick to the centre of half of your lips to create an ombre plum lip.
Step 14 - Add lines to top and bottom lips using a black eyeliner also add to the outer part of the mouth to create a stitched mouth effect. 
Step 15 - Apply your favourite foundation on the clean side of your face and create a dark plum smokey eye. 
Step 16 - Conceal any blemishes and under eye darkness with your favourite concealer, to create a  flawless complexion. 
Step 17 - Apply blush, highlight, brows and bronzer then finish the look with the same plum lipstick on the other half of your lips.
Step 18 - style your hair in loose waves, add a faux flower hair clip then Pose! 

I really enjoyed making this pictorial and hope you like my Glam Sugar Skull Halloween makeup!

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