Friday, November 20, 2015

Another amazing Purrfect Box last month for our very spoilt cats. They where treated to a new catnip toy, a new laser toy which they adore as that never gets old and some cool new products like cat grass and no water shampoo. The box also included some lush cat paste, a wet food pouch and some yummy cat treats! 

The catnip dragonfly toy they absolutely love and enjoy throwing that around the living room as its catnip scented and they always really love their catnip toys! 
The next interesting new product which I hadn't seen anything like before was the Grow your own cat grass which is essentially catnip grass. You simply peel off the cover and water the seed until the grass has fully grown then let your cats eat the grass to which it should help clear up any hairballs they may have. I haven't let the cats eat the cat grass yet as its not fully grown but be sure to follow me on Instagram to see how the cat grass is growing. 

This box also contained a bottle of awesome no water shampoo which is for dogs and cats! No water shampoo is a fantastic idea for cats as they HATE water and even though they do clean themselves everyday they can still get a little stinky, especially Scottie as he is so lazy with his daily grooming regime. I haven't yet used the shampoo as I'm not overly keen on the scent, It smells a little like calpol which isn't the best but with a new scent I think this product would be a very popular choice for people to wash their pets with. 
As you can see Jodie was really pleased with her new Purrfect box, I couldn't get any clear pictures of Scottie as he would not stay still once he had the catnip dragon fly out of the box hehe. I cant wait to give them their next box. 

Now couldn't be a better time to sign up to a Purrfect Box subscription as you can now get £5 off your Christmas box, which I cannot wait for as I just know Red and the team at PurrfectBox will treat our cats this Christmas! Click here to sign up now!

*I am not affiliated with Purrfect Box and I do not get paid when you sign up at all! 

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