Thursday, November 19, 2015

I don't wear a lot of eye shadow but when this new House Of Glam Dolls Exotica Doll Palette arrived the other day I was gob smacked at how amazing it is. Its by FREEDOM makeup which is I'm pretty sure Makeup Revolutions sister company and you all know how much I LOVE Makeup Rev as a brand! This palette includes 4 brow powder shades, 10 eye shadows, 3 powder highlighters, 4 lipstick shades, a blush and a bronzer! How incredible is that for a compact palette. It also features a HUGE mirror inside which I love as that makes makeup on the go so much easier. 
There are 4 House Of Glam Dolls palettes in the range and each one has a different look which you can recreate from the palette with easy little instructions inside the packaging. This is a fantastic addition to a palette I think as I haven't ever seen a full set of instructions come with a palette before. I will be sure to recreate the look very soon, perhaps I will film this on my youtube channel
As you all know I love it when palettes come with names on the shadows and products inside as it makes tutorials and blog posts so much easier when describing which shades Ive used for makeup looks. The names are great and super representative of the shades. 
The powders inside are so pigmented its unreal! I cannot wait to use then for so many different looks as you could create some amazing eye shadow looks with this palette. From smokey eyes to subtle shimmery classic looks, its so versatile and I cannot wait to show you it in action on my YouTube channel soon!

The only thing I don't think is so great about this palette is the lipstick shades, they are super sheer from my swatches as I'm yet to use them on my lips yet but they seam more like lip glosses than lipsticks so I'm not sure. They looked like awesome shades so that's a little disappointing if they are sheer as Id have loved them to be as pigmented as the eye shadows. 

I love how shimmery and buttery the highlight shades are and they are perfect for all skin tones. The brow powders are also perfect for Blonde's to super dark brunettes! The brighter more exotic eye shadows aren't something I would wear everyday but I can see how you can get really creative with these shades. There is a beautiful pigmented gold shade which would make the prettiest Christmas eye look! This palette really is getting my creative side so excited as I just know I can create so many looks with this palette. Its definitely made me more enthusiastic about wearing eye shadows and I look forward to experimenting with this palette!

This palette is available now on the Freedom makeup website here and is £8. Which is an incredible price for how much product you get and how many of your everyday face products like brow, eyeshadow, blush and bronzer, highlight and even lipsticks are all in this one palette. 

Have you tried anything from this new brand FREEDOM? Let me know in the comments so that I can check them out. 

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