Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Last months Purrfect box was jam packed with amazing products and treats for out cats to enjoy and I think they would say that it was their best one yet! With gorgeous treats to fun cat toys, they have loved every inch of the purrfectbox literally, even the box was super fun! 

This box contained chew sticks, salmon bites, catnip pillow, water bowl,catnip mice treat toys, and a super fun motored snake which they love to chase around the living room!
This Purrfect box couldn't have arrived at a better time, we had noticed that our water bowls for our cats needed refilling a lot more frequently this past few months and this clever water bowl was just what we all needed! It's basically a large water container attached to your water bowl so that the cats water lasts a lot longer than a regular sized water bowl. We fill it up to the maximum and the it lasts around 2-3 days perhaps longer but we change it regularly so its fresher for the cats. It would be perfect if you were away for the weekend and didn't want your cats to run out of water or dry cat food as it can be used for food also! We couldn't use it for food as our cats would just sit at the bowl all day and night until it was empty! 
Catnip toys are always so much fun as our cats especially go wild got the scent! This little orange mouse print cushion is so well made and filled with catnip so as you can image it was getting thrown around like crazy by our two maniac cats!
Jodie of course fell TOTALLY in love with the cardboard box and decided to curl up inside it as that's what she loves most about the purrfectbox, after a nice treat and a run about it was time for a chill!
What I loved most about this box is that the inside was illustrated with all lovely pet drawings and fun words! I love Illustration anyway as you may know but this was just a cool added feature to this box which we have kept as the cats love sitting in it and I love the drawings! 

Purrfect box's are a fantastic way of treating your pets and our cats for sure can recognise when the post man delivers these boxes. They get so exited to open them and always adore whatever is inside. 

You can subscribe to Purrfect box here and this is not an affiliate link! I'm not being paid of sponsored by purrfectbox to feature their boxes, they simply send them to me for review and because they are so amazing I always have to share with my readers!! 

Treat your cat or dog this winter to a purrfect box or pawsome box subscription! 

*This post contains items sent for consideration of review. 

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