Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A scented candle or wax melt is always burning in my house as I'm obsessed with filling my whole house with amazing fragrances. Sometimes it's a bit much as I will have all different scents throughout the house but I love it so when Ozzy's Candle Co approached me a few weeks ago I was so excited to try their scented products and candles! 
The Coconut & Lime Wax Tartlets smell so nice! There are 9 individual cubes in the pack which you brake off yourself and I melted two yesterday, one each in my wax burners and they filled my house from top to bottom with fruity yet mellow fragrance. I loved it and it totally freshened up my house.
The Mango & Lime Reed Diffuser  was the first thing I opened and it smells so nice! It's so refreshing and light as its not overpowering at all. I've placed this in my bathroom as its the only place Scottie (my cat) won't be able to get to it to chew it and also it ensures the bathroom always smells fresh! I can't say I've noticed much of a scent coming from this yet but it does state it takes a few days to release fragrance. I also love the packaging of the reed diffuser, its very modern and chic like an expensive perfume. 
The Sugar Plum Scented Tin Candle  also smells divine! It's not overly plummy and smells like plum sweets or a sweet shop! It's a lovely candle for my kitchen and its so nice to leave burning throughout the day! These candles are supposed to be 30 hours burn time which is great as Ive had these on for a few days now constantly burning and they aren't fully melted yet. 

There is a slight bit of tunnelling within the tin candles but that doesn't bother me as I will just scoop out any excess wax once the wick has gone and melt that in my burner. 
I was so chuffed to see the new Mrs Claus's Cookies Scented Tin Candle in my parcel to review as its such a lush fragrance. It's PERFECT for the autumn winter months as it smells like cookies and yummy Christmas treats! I love burning this one in the bedroom and living room as its so relaxing and just smells so comforting! This candle would make a fantastic Christmas gift for someone along with a nice hot chocolate and some new pjs! Bliss in a tin! 

I love the Ozzy's Candle Co products and think that the fragrances of the candles and wax melts are incredible value! The tin candles are only £3.00!! The wax melts are £5.00 which for 9 melts is such a great price.

All their products are hand crafted and you really can tell a lot of thought, time and hard work has gone into creating the perfect fragrances!! 

Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on the Ozzy Candle Co and if you've tried any yourself let me know! I personally can't wait to try some more of their Christmas scents!!

* This post contains products sent for consideration of review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

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