Thursday, October 08, 2015

I'm sure you have all heard of and seen all the hype around the Mr.Blanc Professional Teeth Whitening strips which are constantly being endorsed by celebrities all over Instagram, so I bet your all wondering if they are worth the hype?
HELL YES! They are amazing! Ive used a load of teeth whitening products over the years and nothing has been as quick and easy to use with the phenomenal results as these Mr.Blanc Strips

They come in a little box containing either a 2,4 or 6 week supply of teeth whitening strips which are all individually packaged. I was sent the 2 week supply but I haven't used them on a daily basis. I tried them out a few weeks ago as a one off for 30 minutes and I was so pleased with the results that I didn't follow up the with the daily strips. Ive left it a few weeks and used another set of strips and I just need to tell you all about these AMAZING teeth whitening strips. 
They are so easy to apply, you just peel the top and bottom strips off of the backing paper and place them on your teeth. Sit and watch an episode of your favourite 30 minute TV show then simply remove the strips, brush your teeth and your done! My teeth and my fiance's look instantly and noticeably whiter with one application. I just do not know how they work so well!

As the Mr.Blanc strips don't have any peroxide in them they are enamel safe and don't make my teeth sensitive which is a plus as my teeth are super sensitive most of the time and with these they are fine! 
In the last 2 months, My fiance and I have only used 2 strips each and the results are just fantastic! I cannot imagine how white they would be if we did use them on a daily basis for a whole 2 weeks, they really would look like we had spent hundreds to achieve the Hollywood smile at the dentist! We saw our families over the weekend for my Birthday and everyone noticed how white our teeth where! My mum commented straight away on how white they where and I hadn't even mentioned that I had whitened my teeth so that was nice to hear a compliment on them AND Craig's sister commented and asked us what we where using as they looked so much whiter than normal. 

The images below aren't the best representation of just how much whiter my teeth are after just once strip as flash on the camera always makes everything look worse but take my word for it, in real life they are much much whiter! You can tell better from the bottom right image without flash on the camera after just one strip that the stains in between my teeth are less yellow and my teeth as a whole are much brighter. And my teeth also look a lot whiter on my latest YouTube video which you can check out here

I did think that all the hype was due to people being sponsored to talk about them and being sent them for free but they really are and I'm being 100% when I say they are a fantastic product which I highly recommend to everyone. I was sent these to review but If I don't think a product is amazing, I either don't waste my time reviewing it or I state how rubbish it is and these are far from it! I'm also a avid tea and coffee drinker as my readers will know from all my previous reviews and these strips totally brightened my teeth and removed any stains I had on my teeth. 

If your feeling less confident with your smile and would like an instantly whiter smile without braking the bank, I think for £19.99 for a 2 week supply ( mine has lasted me longer as stated above ) these are fantastic and the best teeth whitening product I've ever used by far!

Let me know if you have tried these Mr.Blanc Strips and what your thoughts are on them in the comments below...

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