Saturday, September 26, 2015

With life being so busy and hectic sometimes its so easy to get caught up in all the madness of everyday stresses and you can feel like your going to blow! I've been feeling really overwhelmed recently with work being so busy and trying to stay focused on the task at hand becomes nearly impossibly when your minds racing! It almost feels like there are Too Many Tabs Open in your mind and I'm sure you all know exactly how that feels!

I haven't spoken about anxiety before on my blog as its something I didn't ever think I would have to deal with but its becoming increasingly clear to me that I think everyone has anxiety and mood lows at some point in their life, wither it be triggered by something or completely random, it does effect most people yet its so easy to think your alone and the only one struggling! I'm not going to talk about it too much as I want to keep my blog mainly focused on Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle but I'm just keeping it 100% REAL and want to share my tips that may help with anxiety and low mood! 

One way I have found to help clear my mind after a busy stressful day is to colour, now I know what your thinking Adults Colouring? whatt?? But its the latest craze and for good reason. Your supposed to concentrate on the colouring and completely clear your mind of any thoughts other than the colouring and the patterns. The original adult colouring book  The Mindfulness Colouring Book is a fantastic introduction to mindfulness colouring as its filled with easy, moderate and intricate designs to soothe anxiety and help eliminate stress. 

As I've been really enjoying mindful colouring, I've been looking at what other books there are and I've found some really beauties. I think you are going to really love these books as they are filled with amazing illustrations and they just look so pretty coloured in. My favourite finds and top of my colouring book wish list are...

Secret Paris: Colouring for Mindfulness

Millie Marotta's Animal Kingdom (Paperback)

Magical City: Adult Colouring Book by Lizzie Mary Cullen

These books are super affordable also which is great, they range from £3 to £6 and some are quite big books for the price. I recommend printing a few mindfulness colouring pages off of google at first to see how you find it and then once you LOVE it which I'm sure you will then you can go ahead and find a book to colour yourself calm.

My first mindfulness colouring was the elephant which I printed off from the Animal Kingdom book and it took me around 3 evenings in front of the TV but I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt totally calm once I had finished each session of colouring. I cant wait to purchase the Secret Paris and Magical City books as you all know I'm obsessed with all things Paris and they have some beautiful illustrations. 

I also find listening to Mindfulness meditation videos on YouTube super helpful to just quickly calm and snap you out of self destruct mode. Let me know if you've tried Mindfulness Colouring and what your thoughts are on it? Also leave any tips that you may have for dealing with anxiety and low mood below in the comments :)

Hope your all having a great Saturday!

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