Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Our cats Jodie & Scottie are huge fans of the Purrfect Box subscription and this months box they couldn't have been more excited for. I vlogged the arrival, the unboxing and their reaction to their August Purrfect box so If you would like to see that click here. This months box featured a great balance of treats, toys and practical products, like a collar and a clean ears lotion. They absolutely love the treats and with the toys they literally where acting as if Christmas came early so I'm sure they were over the moon with their box. 

The box contained a cat collar, a cat nip pillow, a fishing rod toy, a cleansing lotion for their ears or eyes, salmon treats and chicken treats! There are a few different fishing rod toys you could have received and as you can see from my pictures above we got the bumble bee catnip fishing rod toy which Scottie is obsessed with! He loves to chase things and the elegance of this butterfly toy is just the type of toy on a wire that he loves! It does feature a cute little bell on it also but that's only tied onto the wire and I do have to watch Scottie with that as I wouldn't want him to chew the wire and choke on the bell! But that's probably me being over careful! 

They obviously LOVE the treats and go crazy for the chicken and cod sandwiches, Our neighbours cat also loves the treats as I found out when I was calling out cats to the kitchen for some salmon bites, the neighbours cat had jumped in my kitchen window for some also.

Our cats are house cats so we don't have a use for the collar unfortunately but we have given this too our neighbours also as they have a new kitten who will be venturing outside soon so he will benefit greatly from this safe cat collar which features a bell also. 
Jodie doesn't look very happy in this photograph but i can assure you she was so pleased with her new catnip pillow and didn't want Scottie to play with it at all so she sat on it. She is so sassy and her face just expresses how possessive she can be over new toys. 
These photographs really make my cats look so grumpy but by the fact that Scottie was so quick to cuddle up in his new Purrfect box, I can tell they loved their new toys, treats and of course the cardboard box! 
And lastly they received a Clean Ears lotion from Biogance which I was chuffed with as Scottie isn't the cleanest of cats, he is so lazy so very rarely cleans his eyes and ears so this is perfect for me to clean his ears with. It smells amazing and is super easy to use, you just put a bit on some cotton wool pads and gently cleanse the inside of your cats ears or eyes with. We could have also done with the eyes lotion as Scotties always got eye crud so I think I will be purchasing the eye lotion soon. 
Purrfect boxes aren't a cheap subscription at £19.90 a month but you do get over £30 worth of treats and toys for your cat AND If you subscribe for 3 months, 6 months or a year the price per box gets cheaper. 

I love the Purrfect boxes and our cats love the contents and just the cardboard box they would be thrilled with. Its a great way of showing your cat just how much you love them and for us beauty gals, we probably spend more than £19.90 in one go on makeup so its not braking the bank too much! I also have an exclusive coupon code for my loyal readers to get 25% off your first box which is awesome as you can treat your cat to a Purrfect box for just £14.92!! I do not get paid commission when you use this code its simply for you and your oets to enjoy!
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Have you tried a Purrfect box for your cats? Let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on these cute boxes.

*This post contains products sent for consideration of review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own!

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