Sunday, August 30, 2015

I'm super nosey so I LOVE a good 'Whats in my bag?' style post and realised that I hadn't yet done a post on whats in mine! I think that's partly because I've been wearing the same cute little cat handbag for the past year and it doesn't really fit anything other than a bank card, a lipstick, my keys and my vlogging camera so that wouldn't have been very interesting to see. But Ive just recently changed my handbag to this more practical sized Paul's Boutique Handbag and I have been quick to fill it with the usual blogging gal junk...
My Handbag is brand new to my collection and Its by Paul's Boutique. Its the Porter Grey Suede Slouchy Handbag* from The Hut and Its the perfect size for all my essentials and a few extras. I love the grey suede and can wear this handbag with most my outfits as I'm obsessed with grey at the moment. Its got a stunning polka dot interior with bright yellow zips and trims. Its so pretty and I'm really enjoying using this handbag as its much more of a luxury handbag to my old ones. 

What Pauls Boutique say...
-Luxury small slouchy style handheld handbag with twin handles in grey
-Black and pink detailing to trims and handles 
-Press stud closure 
-Navy and white polka dot interior lining
-Zip compartment and pockets to interior 
-NEW* Paul's Boutique gold branded beading to handles 
-NEW* Paul's Boutique black and gold branded logo to front 

My Blog Planner is a Filofax that my dad bought me when I started Uni 4 years ago. I totally forgot I had it until recently and as its such a nice leather FiloFax, I decided to replace the inside diary sheets with up to date calendars for 2015-2016 and make my own blogging planner. Its got pages for monthly plans, to do lists and new blog ideas. Im really proud of this planner as it did take me ages to create and then hole punch each page as the binder needed 6 holes when my hole punch only had two holes! The Struggle was real!

My Vlogging Camera is a Panasonic lumix Tz7. Craig bought me this camera back in 2009 I believe and It was my blogging camera until last october when for my birthday Craig bought me the Canon 700d! I still love my Lumix camera for vlogging as its just more compact than my DSLR, but its a little shaky and I could do with a new vlogging camera but at the moment its not a must! My Canon would fit in this handbag but I wouldn't be taking it around with me everyday. 

Dry Shampoo is super handy on the go! I very regularly do my hair and makeup in the car when Craig's Driving and most of the time Im in a mad rush so this Phil Smith Dry Shampoo is always my savour. It smells amazing and my hair feels so fresh when Ive used it. This is the revitalising one but they also do a volume one which is incredible also! 

Lipstick Case was a gift off my mum a few Christmas's ago and its such an awesome idea! It hold your favourite lipstick in it and also features a handy mirror so you can apply on the go. I currently have in my case the Rimmel Shake Up Pink which is my safe everyday lippie! 

Lip balm I always have on me as my lips are constantly cracked and chapped! I'm currently using the Nivea Essential Care Lip balm which is really nice and doesn't have a gross taste or smell as my Carmex one does! 
Sunglasses are essential in the summer, although the weather here has been shocking this year! I don't think we have had enough sun to call this summer a summer but hey! These Sunglasses are from The Glasses Shop and I have a full review of them here.

Tesco Shopping Lists are always in my bag as I'm so forgetful! This list is an old list from a groceries shop we did online and its so much easier walking around a store doing a full weeks groceries with a previous weeks list! You can clearly see what you need and hopefully not forget anything. Unless your list is a week that you didn't need to repurchase toilet roll and in which case it isn't on the list and therefore you forget it! Then that could be quite annoying but generally the list has all the basics and necessities. 

Beauty Store Cards never leave my bag as I always use them in Boots and Sally's. They are like loyalty cards so I can build up points on purchases and get exclusive pro discounts when I use them.

Money, I pay for most things on card so I very rarely have change on me but there is somehow always loose change floating around the bottom of my handbags. 

Receipts I really need to get into the habit of not hoarding receipts in my handbag! They are totally annoying and get in the way! I've always got receipts all scrunched up in my bags and my pockets hehe who doesn't?

Tweezers always come in handy on to go and these are my fav angled ones by QVS. They are so easy to use and just feel really sturdy. I always get such a good grip on hairs when I use these and that reminds me, my eyebrows been doing asap!

Mechanical Pencils I prefer to use mechanical as you don't need to sharpen them and I'm too scared to have pens rolling around in my handbag just in case they leak and ruin my lovely polka dot interior.

Juicy Fruits are the worst chewing gum in existence. They smell and taste amazing for 0.3 seconds and then they taste gross! They don't last very long at all but I just love the smell of them so they are always found in the bottom of my handbags. 

Hand Cream as I mentioned my lips are ALWAYS dry so are my hands and cuticles. I try not to pick my cuticles but its been a bad habit of mine for years and years so I do try and keep my hands hydrated and moisturised as much as I can. This one is by Leighton Denny and its a really lovely hand and nail cream! Perfect for after a manicure! 

Tissues don't really need explaining hehe its a tissue and its needed. 

So that was my first ever ' What's in my Handbag' post, I hope you enjoyed snooping around my handbag and let me now if you've done one of these posts, Id love to see it! 

Is anything in my handbag also in yours? Let me know in the comments below! I hope your all having a fantastic Sunday!

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