Friday, August 14, 2015

For months now I've really wanted to get my hair dyed grey or a pastel colour as I've seen loads of girls on Instagram and Pinetrest with this awesome hair trend and I NEEDED IT!! As some of my readers may know my mum is a hair dresser so she always cuts and dyes my hair for me my statement red shade AND after months of nagging for her to bleach it and dye it grey for me she had warned me that it would ruin my hair and I would wreck it with the bleach. Now I'm not saying going a silver or grey colour via bleach will wreck everyone's hair but going that shade from red would be a nightmare! 

So... I started to research how I could do it without wrecking my hair and having seen Kylie Jenner change her hair as easy as changing shoes, I got googling to find out how she was doing it!

I soon found that Kylie Jenner has been wearing Lace Front Wigs, this is how she gets the super natural hairline, with a lace front! I was amazed, I couldn't get over how natural her new blue hair looked so started my hunt for the perfect Lace front wigs online. I came across a UK based company called Saturday Night Hair and emailed then straight away! 
Cherry from Saturday Night Hair has been so helpful and really knows her stuff when it comes to the perfect natural looking lace front wigs! She has very kindly sent me these two amazing lace fronts to review and I'm in LOVE with them already! I received the Wynter Grey Lace front and the Pink Syrup Lace Front wig. Cherry custom deigns all her lace fronts and they can all be cut and heat styled as if they are your own hair. They are synthetic hair wigs but from the quality you would not know it wasn't real hair! Its so silky smooth without the obvious synthetic shine most wigs have! 
Wynter is the Grey wig and its 22 inches of thick and full wave curls. Its got darkened roots for a more natural look. The wigs with roots are more like the style Kylie Jenner is wearing and they look so amazing on. I adore the style of Wynter and its exactly what I was looking for when searching for my first lace front wig. 
Both my wigs came incredibly well packaged in the post. They are carefully packaged in a plastic air tight bag in a hair net ( shown above). I must say I love Cherry's branding and think her logo and labels that come on the wigs look fantastic, super professional and you can instantly tell a lot of care and effort has gone into making these synthetic lace front wigs perfect for every customer. 
Pink Syrup is 18-20 inches of full body waves which is incredibly bouncy and is Nicki Minaj inspired. Is a mix of pink and blond hair with mousy brown- blond roots for a natural appearance again. This wig is slightly different to Wynter as its Swiss lace which means that the lace may need some Lace Wig Tape or glue to stick it around your hair line ( not on your hair but your skin very close to your hairline ). 
Both the wigs come with adjustable hook straps inside to tighten the wig to your head and clips to secure it around your hairline at the front and sides. They are both really comfortable and breathable. I have so much hair to hide underneath my wigs as my natural hair is around 22inches long and layered so I was worried about how to get all my hair underneath but Cherry assured me that a Nude Wig Cap would be all I needed to hide my hair. I Ordered my Wig cap off of eBay , it was 99p with free postage and it arrived within 2 days. Its basically a nude pop sock so If you don't want to order one and have a pop sock at home I'm sure it would work just as well. 
After you've hidden all your hair with a wig cap the first thing you need to do to your Lace Front Wigs is trim the lace of off the front to match your hairline. I didn't want to remove any of the hairs on my wigs as I've not done it before, so I simply trimmed the lace off very carefully as close as i could without loosing any hairs for the hair line. This literally only took me around 5 minutes to do and I just placed it on my knee as I don't have a wig stand or head mannequin yet. 
Then all you have to do then is pop the Lace front wigs onto your head and secure at the sides and front with the clips! Its so quick and easy to do, It so much easier than sitting in a salon for hours whilst your natural hair is stripped, bleached and dyed AND doesn't ruin your natural hair. 

I wasn't a huge fan of the curls that Pink Syrup came with so I just straightened them out with my GHD's and it worked fine! Its more my style with the wig straight and looks more like my natural hair  with the long layers. Its so smooth and thick, and the colour is so perfect for the pastel Candy hair trend. 
As you can see you can wear these Lace Front wigs in any style you like, I even put my Pink Syrup wig into a quiff at the front and it looked so natural on the hairline. The only thing I will need is some Lace Front Wig tape so that I can tape the sides of the wig by my ears down and be able to wear this wig in a half up half down style or even attempt a bun or ponytail. 

I'm completely obsessed with these lace front wigs and cannot wait to try more! I think Cherry is also sending me a Kylie Jenner Inspired Mermaid colour Lace Front so I cannot wait to show you that one! I will be sure to film a youtube video soon wearing my new Lace Fronts so you can see how they look when I'm moving etc. All of these pictures above haven't been altered in anyway or edited with photoshop, this is exactly how these wigs look on and I think they are phenomenal! 

If you are thinking of changing your hair colour but dont want the commitment of a bright shade then why not try these amazing Lace Fronts for yourself, head over to and check out all of Cherry's beautiful wigs! Also be sure to check out her social media sites and follow her so that you are the first to know what new wigs are available at really great prices.

What do you think of my new hair? Would you rock a Lace Front? Let me know in the comments, I cant wait to hear what you all think!

*This post contains products sent for review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest. 

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