Saturday, August 08, 2015

You all know how much I love my scented candles so when I saw these by Goose Creek Candles I just had to try them. They look a lot like Village Candle or Yankee Candle in their large glass jars and they have two wicks like Village Candle so already they are a hit with me. I much prefer two wick candles as I find they burn more evenly and the wax doesn't tunnel as much as Yankee Candles have for me in the past. Scented Candle Heaven where actually kind enough to send me these two Large Goose Creek Candles to review and I'm so pleased with the scents Lynne from Scented Candle Heaven sent me. She specially chose Georgia Peach *as I stated my favourite candles to burn where fresh fruity scents. The second candle I received was the Driftwood & Sandstar * which is perfect for summer! 
What Scented Candle Heaven say about - Driftwood & Sandstar  'Enjoy a sandy blend of unique elegance. Aged driftwood straight from the sea combines light fruity notes of apple, plum and peach. The heart is elegant jasmine, eucalyptus and white lily. The base is deep cedar wood, sandalwood, vanilla and amber.' 

This Candle smells perfect for summer! Its a fresh sandy scent with a a slight musky undertone. Its quite like a nice men's aftershave probably because of the cedar wood and amber base notes. Id say it was a more bathroom candle as its very relaxing and really nice to burn whilst enjoying a nice bubble bath. 

What Scented Candle Heaven say about - Georgia Peach 'Georgia Peach is Fresh, fruity, and thirst quenching. Enjoy juicy pink grapefruit, orange slices, mango, sweet coconut and woods.'

This Candle is so nice! If you've been reading my blog for a while you'll know how much I love The Body Shop Peach body butter and body spray. Well this candle smells exactly like the Body Shop's peach fragrance! Its so fresh and juicy smelling exactly like a freshly cut open peach. As its infused with Pink Grapefruit, Orange, Mango and Coconut its so summery and such a nice scent to burn in the kitchen or living room! 

Both candles are the large 22oz Jar candles which burn for approx 120-150 hours, which is loads! I've had mine for around a month now and burn them both on a daily basis for a few hours and I've still got around half a jar left in both! 

These large Jar Goose Creek Candles are available from Scented Candle Heaven for £17.99 as they are on offer at the moment reduced from £22.99!!

I highly recommend you check out Goose Creek candles as their scent selection is fantastic and they burn for ages, filling your house with amazing scent!  

Have you tried any Goose Creek Candles? Let me know which scents your favourite in the comments below.

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