Saturday, July 18, 2015

Wheatgrass is something I've talked about many times on my blog and YouTube channel! I start everyday with a glass of cold wheatgrass as it gives me all the natural goodness I need to feel less stressed and hopefully boost my immune system so I don't feel unwell as often. 

Urban Health are a brand which I love but not just because of their awesome wheatgrass but because well...look at their packaging! Its bright, modern and fun, featuring Colin the cow! 

What Urban Health say...Wheatgrass Info
For years, humans have marvelled over the weird health and healing benefits of Wheatgrass. Our ancient ancestors grazed on it in order to maintain healthy digestion and promote general well-being. Now the green power drink is chugged by the celebrities, brainiacs, sports stars, Batman and a cow called Colin.

Wheatgrass Benefits

Many of the benefits of wheatgrass are anecdotal and people have reported feeling better in many ways. We'd love to understand how wheatgrass does this but medical science is only just beginning to understand the intricacies of the human body. We hope that one day there will be enough research to understand what wheatgreass really does, but until then we recommend trying it for yourself and seeing how you feel. 
The packaging of the Urban Health Wheatgrass powder is so convenient. Each serving is individually packaged so you can easily pop these into your handbag and add to water on the go. They are perfect for traveling as the are individually packaged, theres no need to weigh out the powder making it super quick and easy to drink the urban health wheatgrass

The urban wheatgrass is a bit more grassy tasting than others I've tried I'd that makes any sense at all as its a wheatgrass. But others have tasted more oaty and less grassy, that isn't a bad thing though and as the packaging states, it tastes great* (if your a cow*)

I love urban health's products for the simple fact that they are easy and quick and taste fresh. I would highly recommend wheatgrass for a beginner at drinking wheatgrass as its already ore weighed for you and there's no fuss! The Urban health wheatgrass is available from the Urban Health website for £17.99 for 30 days supply.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried wheatgrass and from which brand? Id love to try new wheatgrass.

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  1. Still haven't gotten around to trying any wheatgrass products. I think I'd be most likely to just mix this up in a smoothie or something so I don't have to taste the grassy-flavor. I'm not much for grass/oat!

    Much Love!!
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. You need to! Im all out at the mo which is killing me lol well not literally perhaps over dramatic there but I NEED IT!! x If your not a huge grass lover then yeah youd need to mix it as it is very grassy but not gross!

  3. LOL "I NEEEEEDDDDD IT"... do you ever watch Spongebob? I think of a certain scene in an episode EVERYTIME someone says "I need it"...

  4. Haha no I don't but I think either I tagged you or you tagged me ages ago on insta in a sponge bob meme in a makeup isle of a shop with 'I NEED IT! Hahah x I say it legit all the time haha x I do need it tho hahaha x x

  5. Ah!! Yes, ok that vaguely comes to mind!! LOLOL. Love it!


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