Tuesday, July 21, 2015

As everyone and their sister is jumping on the 'Kylie Jenner' Lipstick trend at the moment, I myself have been on the hunt for the perfect dupe of Velvet Teddy which is the MAC lipstick rumoured to be what Kylie uses. I don't own Velvet Teddy but I have swatched it and done some very extensive research into the shade, dupes and then swatched dupes to find even cheaper dupes of the dupes, If that makes sense. So that being said, I started my hunt for the Cheapest Dupe from the drugstore by swatching the lipstick which is supposed to be the most like Velvet Teddy, which is Rimmel London's Kate X lipstick in the shade 03. I then found two incredibly cheap dupes which can be purchased from Superdrug and Boots. 

The first lipstick I found was by Natural Collection which is available in Boots and its called Biscuit (Bottom Swatch Above). Its a little lighter than the Rimmel Kate X 03 shade so not a total dupe AND its not a matte finish like the Rimmel Dupe and Velvet Teddy. But if your not a huge fan of matte finishes this one would be perfect for you! Its so nice on the lips and has amazing colour pay off! This lipstick is £1.99 so cheap but not my cheapest just yet.

The next lipstick which when I swatched it was like finding gold! Its Matte so exactly like Velvet Teddy by MAC and its £1. Its by MUA which is available in Superdrug and its in the shade Fawn Fancy (Top Swatch Above). Its exactly like same shade and Matte finish! I absolutely love the MUA lipsticks as they smell lovely and the longevity of their lipsticks is just incredible for the price. 

There are a lot of Dupes on the high-street but I'm yet to swatch them all so Ill list them below with links so you can hopefully swatch them yourself when you find them in store. 

Let me know in the comments if you've found any other dupes which I've not mentioned? Id love to find some more!

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