Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I've always worn the same style of sunglasses as I was always too scared to try another style unless it didn't suit me. So I've been stuck wearing my aviator style sunnies from Primark for years now.So when the offered me the chance to review a pair of their sunglasses, I just knew I had to pick a different style. I picked the Seine Wayfarer in Black* as these looked totally different to my usual style and being named after a Parisian river, I just had to pick these. 

The Seine Wayfarer* are over sized semi round frames with a slight cat eye effect to the outer edge of the frame. They also have a tiny bit of gold on the side of the glasses which is very modern and classic looking. Its not too much to become tacky as I'm not normally a fan of gold accessories. They are really comfortable to wear and as the nose piece is build into the frame shape not a separate piece of plastic its so much more comfortable than my other glasses and don't leave as much as a glasses mark on my nose once I take them off. 

What the say -
Seine Wayfarer is definitely suitable for fashionista and who wants to be trendy. The large wayfarer frame will be a perfect ornament for women because of their own classic black color.
The excellent plastic material wears comfortable and offer great UV rays prevention function.
My sunglasses arrived super quick in the post and they where very well packaged. Inside the mini parcel was this hard plastic case which had my sunglasses inside which is awesome as there's no need to buy a separate glasses case! Inside that my sunglasses came with a great handy cloth to keep my glasses clean and shiny. Im yet to take any pictures of me wearing these glasses but they do feature in my Vlog which you can check out by clicking here. Im wearing them at around 6.04 in the video :)

The have this amazing offer at the moment where you get your First Pair Free excluding shipping and handling fees. They also make prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses so if your after a new pair of cheap eyeglasses the is the place for you! 

I also have a code for 50% off for my readers which is GSHOT50. I do not get paid when you use this code its simply for you to enjoy the glasses 50% cheaper. 

Have you tried any glasses from the Which style is your favourite, let me know in the comments 

*This post contains products sent for consideration of review. All opinions are 100% my own and honest!

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  1. I'm glad you went for something new! It's always a good thing to try! I like the shape you chose (although I know that shape is NOT for me!!! hahah!). That is handy that the company sent you a cleaning cloth, too. I keep forgetting to buy one for my sunglasses, it would have been handy if they just came with it!!

    FIRST PAIR FREE!? I'm off to see what that's all about!! ;) ;) Thanks for a great review!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. Thank you Stephanie! I do love them they are different and very comfy but im still not 100% sure they suit me haha! I know how cute is the packaging and cloth! YAASSS for sure head over and check out the first pair free its no con or anything, I was skeptical but they are all legit and i think they come from either china or USA but its such quick shipping! Let me know what you choose if you do order :) (or email them im sure they would love you to review a pair for them?) x x

  3. umm I am defo going to be checking this company out! what a great offer!!

    The glasses look lovely, I love the little but of gold detail on the side!

  4. Yeah def do Amy! They are amazing! Obv I don't know how much shipping and handling would be but email them I'm sure like I said to steph they would love for you to review their glasses. X let me know how you get on :) x


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