Saturday, July 04, 2015

Its festival season again here in the UK and although I am unfortunately not going to any festivals this year, I am enjoying watching them all on the TV and catching up on the BBC coverage. Radio 1's Big Weekend was a few weeks back with Glastonbury just last weekend so we really are in the middle of festival season. With Reading and Leeds right around the corner, I cannot wait to see all my favs bands perform! 

So what essentials would I be sure to take to a festival for a weekend away? I haven't included the obvious things like a tent, money, clothes, food and a significant other or friends, but I have included my fav beauty, fashion and convenience things...

First things first, I would not be outside all day enjoying my favourite artists without a sunscreen on, this as boring as an essential is so important as the sun can be so dangerous and you can burn so easily. Its so easy to forget to protect your skin but you'll regret it when your lobster colour and in pain from sunburn afterwards. I'd go for a dry mist SPF 30.

Next I could not live without my Wetbrush so that would for sure be in my handbag! Festival hair can get a little Cray so the wetbrush is ideal for getting rid of knots and tangles easily, AND it can be used on wet hair so perfect for when it chucks it down with rain and your soaked! And of course there are no hairdryers at a festival so you'll need some dry shampoo to freshen up your hair, these handbag size So...? Dry Shampoo are amazing and smell really lovely! 

A matte lipstick or liquid lipstick is essential as you don't want to be topping up all day and re applying your fav lipstick! I love Makeup Revolutions Velvet Matte Lip Lacquers, their colour range is amazing! Wet wipes are also a MUST as you need to stay germ free all weekend and they are great for removing makeup, food spillages, cleaning your hands after using the portaloos, everything really, they are so convenient. 

BB creams are my fav for when I want/need some coverage but I don't want to be caked in makeup especially if its hot weather. This Garnier BB cream has an spf of 30 also so will protect your face from the sun and premature ageing. 

And the last two things on my festival essentials list are Wellies. Obviously as you can't festival without them, and these starry wellies from The Welly Shop are perfect! And a Disposable Camera, As much as I'd love to take a good camera to a festival it would be rather silly as its not totally safe and with everyone dancing around it could get broken, so a cheap disposable camera is the best way to capture your fav moments from your festival weekend without worrying too much about it getting damaged. And who doesn't love looking though old photos on actual photo paper not just on Facebook or Instagram. 

I hope this post has helped anyone packing for a weekend away and let me know in the comments if you've been to a festival this year or are going to one soon!

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