Monday, June 22, 2015

Little Ondine where a brand I hadn't heard much of but as soon as I spotted their shade range on their website I knew I had to try them! The Little Ondine polish is so unique, boasting a quick drying time, no harmful chemicals, an odourless formula which is peelable it sounded perfect for changing up your nail polish quickly and easily. Little Ondine sent me one of their full size polishes and two mini polishes which are cleverly packaged together from the 'Twins' range. 
The polishes (from L-R) are Radiance, Back to Black, Back to Black with two coats of Radiance over top, Midsummer and Midsummer with two coats of Radiance over top. 

I absolutely love the lime pastel green shade that is Midsummer*! Its perfect for summer and looks amazing on pale or tanned skin! Back to Black* is really shiny and not so perfect for summer but black nails are timeless and classic. So you all know by now that I'm a huge Glitter nails fan so Radiance* looked to become one of my all time favs, with flecks of multi coloured glitter I knew it would look stunning over the black and green polishes.
The packaging I love also as its a cute little cardboard outer box which folds out and on each of the sides is the 'how to apply' and the 'About me' which being a graphic designer, I really like the use of space on the packaging, not cluttered just super simple and professional looking! And the twins polishes both click into a joint lid style packaging which looks great and is an innovative idea. 
The formula on the other hand, this is where I'm stuck. The polishes have a kind of gloopy, PVA glue ish consistency, with the black polish being more watery than the others. The green takes around 3 thin coats to give full opaque coverage and the black is one simple coat. 

It dries super quick which is great and looks shiny but within 15 minutes of painting my nails with the green on a few different occasions, the polish started to peel at the edges. This is really frustrating as you don't spend time painting your nails for it to peel off before an hour has passed. I know its a peelable polish but this is so that you can enjoy a few days wear of one shade and then easily remove it without needing nail polish remover, not to peel by itself almost immediately.

Obviously I have tried this polish over the last month a few times to see if it was my fault that it peeled so quickly. I've re followed the how to steps and cleaned my nails prior to application to remove any natural oils which may be effecting the polish. I have even buffed and cleaned them to help the polish adhere better to my nails and each time within the same hour of application, the polish has started to lift at the edges and peel off.

I have also tried sandwiching the Little Ondine polishes between two layers of gel polish and curing it once dry in the LED lamp but still the gel didn't even stop it peeling. Their website does say do not mix their polish with any other brands but gel polishes I always use with regular polish with no issues.

These pictures are after its peeled slightly at the edges and I've lifted it so you can see for image purposes what I'm trying to explain. I've also researched other reviews online and no one else seams to be mentioning this issue so I'm now totally confused to what's happened with my polishes?

I love the look of my nails using the Midsummer polish but it just does not last which is such a shame. I'm gutted the polish is for me a let down as I would be raving about it now if the formula lasted on my nails. The odourless element is amazing for doing nails when travelling as the smell of nail polish can be offensive at times so I loved that. I also think the shade range is phenomenal, the packaging looks fantastic but unfortunately for me I am unable to use this polish unless 10 minutes of wear is required, which we all know is never the case.

I'm not one for negative reviews but I am honest here on my blog and I wouldnt pretend this polish worked for me as it really didn't. 

Have you tried Little Ondine? Let me know how you got on with it in the comments please, I'd love to know?

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  1. So nice to see an honest review. I'd be on the same page as you... Yes it's a "peelable polish" but that doesn't mean it needs to come up immediately! I think in theory this is a great product, and I LOVE THAT COLOR!!! But in practice the formula is just a no-go.. Unless you're into painting your nails three times a day. Which for me, on some days, is an actual occurrence hahah!

    Much LOVE!!

  2. I'm a sucker for cool packaging and I love this bottle. I remember peel-able nail polish when I was like 9? It didn't catch on but the over all idea was super cool. Personally, I hate polish remover. Maybe they've come up with something and worked out all the bugs. Great review.


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