Tuesday, June 02, 2015

As you all know, I'm becoming quite the tea connoisseur...well not really but I am having a fantastic time trying to find the BEST tea range available and I think I'm getting a real taste for it!
When this beautiful parcel arrived a few weeks back, I just knew they where going to be amazing tea's as you could smell them from outside the cardboard packaging! I swiftly unpacked the parcel to find the most stunning Tea's from a brand called NEWBY

I will link here to NEWBY's website for you to find out all about them and also link below a video from their chairman at NEWBY TEA for you to all see how passionate they are about making the FINEST TEA....

I cannot wait to tell you all about the tea but first lets address the packaging! WOW,isn't it stunning! I have a real thing for great packaging as its so important to represent your brand and product and this packaging so far wins out of ALL the tea brands I've tried EVER and that is a big statement! Its just beautiful, The outer packaging is keeping a sleek modern look whilst the inner individually packaged tea bags are full of character. Now I know that's a strange thing to say when talking about tea bag packaging but just look at them...its phenomenally printed and keeps the tea bags so fresh in the individual sealed packages. 

I received a full box of 15 Silken Pyramids in the Strawberry & Mango Tisane flavor and two exclusive taster packs which featured their English Breakfast Black Tea, Jasmine Princess Green Tea,The Strawberry & Mango Tisane, Rooibos Orange, Peppermint Tisane and Earl Grey Black Tea. The Exclusive Taster packs come also with a little NEWBY Tea booklet showcasing all their teas with a beautiful array of pictures to compliment their tea and accessory range. (shown above)

I couldn't believe my eyes when I pulled out the tea bag from the triple layer alu-foil! The tea was like none I'd ever seen before. It wasn't all crushed down and powdery, it was just perfect as you can see below! AND in a Silken Pyramid bag, This tea really is luxury from the packaging and the tea bag to the tea itself! It really is what I imagine royalty having for afternoon tea its that good!

I haven't tasted all of the tea's yet but the Rooibos Orange is so intriguing, its a red bush tea but its infused with a kick of orange peel, orange flavor and liquorice. The Earl grey is quite the cup of tea, and was thoroughly enjoyed by my mum and the English breakfast tea, Craig said was one of the best tea's he has tasted.
The Strawberry & Mango Tisane* are the ones I've enjoyed the most as they are so exquisite! I'm running out of adjectives a bit now but trust me, Ive tasted a load of fruit teas recently and these are a MUST try! I brewed my tea bag for 6 minutes in boiling hot water and the scent in the room was incredible! Craig commented on how amazing the smell was as they smell quite bubblegum like but not sickly if that makes sense. I think its because these teas don't just feature strawberry and mango pieces, they are also Apple, rosehips, hibiscus, beetroot and papaya.
I'm yet to try them iced but I cannot wait to try this recipe above! Its so simple and will be perfect for boiling hot summer days when a refreshing cup of iced Tisane in either Strawberry & Mango or Rooibos Orange is all you need! 

NEWBY TEA have been amazing and have given my readers a 10% Discount code when you enter SOPHIEJ10 at checkout. I am not getting paid commission on any sales made using this code, its just for you all to enjoy these beautiful tea's with a nice little discount :) This code is valid until the 1st July so be sure to make the most of the discount before its gone!

Whats your favourite type of tea and brand, let me know in the comments? Id love to know!

*This post contains items sent for review.

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  1. Wow that looks so delicious! I love tea in a silk bag and are still quite whole. The strawberry mango sounds good, i can imagine it to be a really good smoothie too haha.

    Would love if you check out my blog!
    Raincouver Beauty

  2. Thank you, me too! So nice aren't they! Yes that would be an awesome idea! Thanks for commenting :) x


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