Friday, June 26, 2015

I've wanted to get a new garden patio set for a while now as we have had ours for almost 7 years! It had rusted loads as we've never covered it in the garden and it was starting to look really scruffy. Patio sets can vary in price from few hundred pounds down to around £60 for  a cheaper set or you can think about respraying your old set. Our seats hadn't worn at all,so we decided to try and respray the rusty metal frame as we love a good DIY, especially garden DIY when the weathers nice!

WARNING!! This post is extremely picture heavy ...
As you can see from the pictures above, our garden set was so rusty and in need of some TLC. We started this DIY project by taking all the chairs and table apart so that we could work with the metal frame without the seat material getting ruined.

Once the set was all in pieces, we then took a pack of sandpaper ,some protective gloves and our dust masks and started to sand the rust down on the metals frame. We didn't have to do this step necessarily but there where a few rough and bubbly patches of rust which we didn't want to show through the spray paint.

Hammerite where very kind and sent us a voucher for 4 cans of their smooth Direct To Rust Metal Spray Paint* in which ever colour we wanted. Their range has a total of 8 shades, Black, White, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, Gold and silver. Which each come in either hammered or smooth finish. We chose the smooth finish and in the silver shade as we thought that would look best with the black seat material. 

These photos where taken after one coat on each side of the patio set. The coverage of the Hammerite spray is fantastic and we where shocked at how well it covered the rust in only one coat. The cans say to apply 3-4 coats for best coverage but we only did 2 coats on each side to complete the whole process. 

As you can see the rust has been completely covered and as Hammerite is Primer, colour and top coat all in the one can, there's no need to buy anymore primers etc. I'm so pleased with how the Hammerite has re finished out patio set and I couldn't be more shocked at only using 2 coats each side!!

We put the chairs and table back together and put the black seat material back onto the chairs also and we couldn't get over how amazing the set looks! After months of complaining about it looking rubbish in the garden all rusty and having to crop it out of my Instagram photos, I can now finally sit proud on my patio set thanks to Hammerites Direct to Rust Spray!

Then finished results of the Hammerite Direct to rust spray* is so amazing and the patio set looks brand new! Everyone who has seen it so far is shocked at the finish and I can't recommend Hammerite enough! The can vary in price, ours where from B&Q which I think cost around £12 a can but you can find them much cheaper in Wilkos and Halfords. 

Again, I am so happy with the finished resprayed patio set and recommend it to anyone who would like to spruce up any old metal items in the garden! Its so easy to use and dries so quickly! All we have left to finish on the set is the screws as they are still a tad rusty from where they were removed to take the set apart, so we will touch those up with the spray soon. 

Our next DIY project is a Garden Pallet Corner Sofa! I've seen these all over Pinterest and need to make our own ASAP! Let the hunt for pallets commence :) 

What do you think if our new refinished garden patio set? Let me know if you have any garden DIY projects planned for this summer, I'd love to hear about them in the comments?

Thanks for reading!

*This post contains products sent for review. All opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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  1. WOW!!! You guys did a lot of work but the result is GORGEOUS!! That spray paint covered everything so beautifully! I'm so glad you shared this. Happy to see the result!
    I hope you share your process of the pallet couch.. Spencer and I were talking about that a little while back. Good luck finding the pallets, too!

    -Stephanie Eva


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