Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Finally after 4 months away from making sit down YouTube videos, I'm Back and kicking things off with a HUGE current favourites video! From Makeup to Tea and Trainers, I share all my most loved products and items of the moment. 

I hope you all enjoy, Let me know what your current favs are in the comments :) Thanks for watching!

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Disclaimer - I am not being sponsored or payed by any company to mention products in my videos and all products mentioned have been bought with my own money. Any products marked with an * are products I have been sent to review and I have given my honest opinion of any products mentioned. I am not affiliated with any companies or brands mentioned in this video.

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  1. I love Makeup Revolution palettes, they are my favourite at the moment. I do agree with what you said about the packaging, it`s actually the reason why I didn`t buy this one. Gorgeous shades, but the exterior is too tacky for me.

  2. Heading over to YT to watch, now!! Glad you're back with a favorites video!


  3. Aw ha thats funny that you didnt buy this palette due to the packaging!! It is extremely tacky and I wouldn't have bought it either haha it was sent to me but I do love the shades inside! Perfect for smokey eyes! I need to make more use out of the dramatic shades! Thanks for watching!! X


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