Thursday, May 14, 2015

I mentioned briefly in my recent weekend vlogs that Craig & I have been drinking Wheatgrass every morning to help give us a boost for the day and overall improve our health by strengthening our immune system. If your not sure what wheatgrass is ,it is as the name suggests a grass which is sold as a juice or powder and Because wheatgrass juice is extracted from wheatgrass sprouts i.e., before the wheat seed begins to form, it is gluten-free

I have been trying out a few different wheatgrass products from different brands to find my favourite one and I'll be reviewing them over the next few weeks. This weeks Wheatgrass is from Squeeze Wheatgrass which is a sachet of fresh wheatgrass juice therefore its so convenient as you haven't got to measure out any powder and mix it , you simply open the sachet,pour it into a shot glass and drink it! Squeeze are the ONLY UK providers of fresh ready to drink Wheatgrass shots which has an extended shelf life of up to 12 weeks. 

Here is what Squeeze Wheatgrass say about their Wheatgrass...

Reasons to drink Wheatgrass Juice
The benefits of Wheatgrass have been well documented and our top 5 reasons why you should drink it.
  1. 25 ml shot of freshly squeezed Wheatgrass juice is equivalent in nutritional value to 1kg of leafy green vegetables.
  2. Wheatgrass contains over 90 minerals, including high concentrations of the most alkaline minerals: potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium.
  3. Wheat grass juice helps your body to build red blood cells boosting the immune system and increasing endurance during physical exercise.
  4. Wheatgrass stimulates the thyroid gland, correcting obesity, indigestion, and a host of other complaints.
  5. It is a powerful detoxifier as well as a liver and blood protector.
Reasons why you should drink Wheatgrass Juice from Squeeze Wheatgrass
  1. 100% natural – no additives or preservatives.
  2. Artisan producer who grows, harvests and juices the wheatgrass – so you know exactly where the juice comes from.
  3. No defrosting, mixing or blending required – simply open and drink.
  4. Conveniently packaged in shot sized sachets so easy to transport.
  5. Never heat treated or frozen.
I have felt so much better since drinking wheatgrass in the morning, I do genuinely feel a boost of energy and I have found that we haven't caught as many bugs and general colds as before. We went through a stage of having colds/flu and sickness bugs so the wheatgrass must have helped strengthen our immune system as we haven't had one since drinking wheatgrass everyday. 

I've told everyone I could possible have told about the benefits of wheatgrass and the most common question I have been asked is, 'what does it taste like?' ... Well to be honest it does taste like grass , its very 'garden' tasting but I really don't mind it at all! The Squeeze Wheatgrass doesn't taste as grassy as others I've tried as it also contains lime juice so gives the wheatgrass a citrus'y kick! I'm not a huge fan of the lime in the Wheatgrass Juice myself as personally I prefer the taste of standard plain Wheatgrass but that's just my taste and I'm sure some people will love the added lime juice. 
The packaging of the Squeeze wheatgrass is really cute, featuring their Wilfred Wheatgrass mascot. It also looks bright and refreshing, which is perfect for their fresh, ready to drink Wheatgrass Juice! The Wheatgrass Juice pouches also come very well packaged on a wheatgrass branded parcel. 

I really like the Squeeze Wheatgrass as its so convenient and easy to drink! The 12 weeks shelf life is amazing and the ready to drink pouches are such an innovative idea which will make adding Wheatgrass into your day to day life so much easier! The Squeeze wheatgrass is available in 7,14,28,84 and 168 days supply with prices starting at £16.10 for the 7 day supply. 

Have you tried Wheatgrass yet? Whats your favourite brand of Wheatgrass?

*This post contains items sent for review.

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  1. Wow Wheatgrass sounds so good! It sounds like there are so many health benefits why I haven't heard of this before I have no idea! I might go for the Naturya one as it's a little cheaper but both sound really good…I can't wait to try this! I like that you can mix it with other drinks as well xx



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