Wednesday, May 27, 2015

If you follow me on Instagram you'd have seen that I've been trying to eat a little healthier and work out more to get my body 'summer ready' or as ready as it can be hehe. Craig has been working really hard to get into shape for summer and has literally killed the abs game in the last few weeks so I need to catch up now so that I can confidently wear my summer dresses and shorts. Having literally no workout gear at all in our wardrobe, we both set off on a mission to get a few work out outfits that we can wear to do cardio, tennis, cycling and just general workouts in. 

Not wanting to spend a fortune on workout gear as much as we'd have liked Nike's, we found ourselves browsing Primark for sportswear and we found some gems! The sportswear section in both men''s and women's clothes is amazing at the moment in Primark, from sports bras to shorts and vests and then I spotted the most stunning Trainers which where exactly the style and colour I was looking for. I didn't expect them to be too comfortable as they are only £12 but they really are! I'm not the type to wear trainers when I'm not working out but I've literally found myself wearing them with jeans and denim shorts to do my groceries in and everything! I just cant take them off!
The men's trainers where a little cheaper at £10 but they looked very similar to some Nike's we had seen and are apparently very comfortable! Craig picked up 2 pairs of sports shorts in navy and black and two basic t-shirts in white and blue to match his shorts. We are both a very matchy matchy couple as you can tell. 
I couldn't believe how great the sportswear section was and they had a great colour selection. They had sports vests,shorts and sports bra's in either Grey, Black, Aqua or Coral. The sports vest I picked up , I got in a size bigger than I am as the material is a little like a second skin and is very tight fitting which I didn't want. The size bigger is perfect though and very comfortable! I also got a new sports bra which is hidden above but its amazing! Really supportive and discrete under my t-shirt and vests. 

I prefer working out in cropped jogging bottoms as I'm not a leggings fan but their sports leggings where really nice and they had a great range of lengths and styles! I chose these grey cropped roll leg jogging bottoms which I love! They are so nice and I can adjust the length by just rolling them up or down as much as I like! I finished off my sports wear haul with a pack of breathable trainer socks and a basic aqua tee. 
I cannot get enough of my new trainers and cant wait to head back into Primark soon and perhaps pick up another pair in another colour, as they had a few nice patterned ones in the same style. All in all we spent around £50 and both had 2 outfit changes, trainers and a few workout accessories which in my opinion is AMAZING as we wouldn't even have had one pair of Nike trainers had we gone to another shop.

Let me know if you've seen the new Primark sportswear or purchased any yourself? Also let me know in the comments if you'd like a post on my Workout routine etc...

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  1. I'm with you, I just can't spend a ton of money on my sports wear (which is why I have hardly anything!!!). I cannot wait until the US's first Primark opens up IN MY AREA OH MY GOSH HEAVEN SENT. It's funny you mention being not a trainers wearer normally, I am the same way. I can't wait to look through Primark's gym collection. AHHHHH I just can't wait for the Primark to be built here. End of 2015 I thinK!?!?!?! #pumped

    Much Love!!

  2. Awww wow! Thats amazing news Stephanie! I bet you can't wait for Primark US to open! That's going to be awesome for you! YOU WILL LOVE IT!! X ha yeah I'm either in converse ,hi tops or flats normally which I surpose are trainers but I meant I don't normally wear sports trainers and now I live in them haha! X hopefully its built for Xmas for you and you can get some amazing Xmas bargains!! X #pumpedindeed :) :D hugs x x x

  3. I'm just hoping it wasn't a rumor!! I'm pretty sure it's the truth however.. So yes, VERY EXCITING. Flats for me! I know, it would be a true Christmas gift for me and then yes everyone would get gifts from Primark ;) ;)

    Much Love!!!

  4. i've been eating healthier as well but i haven't been able to make myself work out haha! it's nice that workout gear is starting to be more stylish though :)

  5. Great post …I love those trainers! I have to admit I'm such a Nike snob but I buy the majority of my clothes from outlets they are always way cheaper! Or I wait for sales…that said though it is nice to have some more affordable sportswear options definitely going to check out Primark :) xx

  6. Thanks Rinica! That's a great idea! To buy your Nike stuff in outlets , I will have to have a look for some myself! X Primark is amazing ATM for sportswear , defo check them out! X x

  7. Haha yeah it is hard to get the motivation but once you've done one work out you do feel so much better for it! It certainly is! All the bright colours are so nice to wear when working out x thanks for commenting Danielle! X

  8. The trainers are so cute! I bought ones from Nike days before going to Primark and spotting some very cute trainers but I'm happy with my purchase anyway haha! I own a sports bra from Primark and I really like! Xx


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