Saturday, May 23, 2015

I love bright neon nails for summer but you also can't go wrong with an elegant nude shade also so that's exactly what I've done. One of my favourite nudes is Soigne Orge as it's got a slight shimmer to it and its really complementary for my skin tone. I wanted to add lots of sparkle to this manicure as glitter always looks stunning in the sun. I used rectangular rhinestones and nailene's nail art glitter and love how it turned out. 

I sealed all the glitter in by using my new artistic colour gloss gel glossing top coat and that just made everything shine even more and this gel sandwich manicure lasted around a week which for such thick glitter is great!

I hope your all having a fantastic bank holiday weekend and let me know what manicure your rocking as I'd love a few new nail ideas :)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. These are so stunning!

  2. Love sparkly nails! Gorgeous ring too!

  3. Cute!! Loved these, especially that middle finger with the little half moon and diamond ;)

    Much LOVE!!

  4. Those colors and glitter really make your ring pop! What's better than that? Nude/ blush nail combos are the best! (:

  5. Thank you so much Kiki :) I'm glad to hear that hehe I do love a polish that compliments my engagement ring x I know right!? I love my nude polishes so pretty x

  6. Thank you Stephanie :) ha you'll laugh that middle finger half moon was a mistake lol I'd painted the top coat and forgot id not cured it in my lamp and when I poorer the glitter onto the ring finger nail it all fell on to my middle nail aswell and that was that haha x I then had to replicate it on both hands haha x thanks tho I'm glad you like my nails x
    Hugs x

  7. Thank you so much Lauren! Me too I always add glitter to most of my manicures hehe x

  8. Thank you. So pleased you like them x

  9. I swear nude polish just brings out the best in E rings. Some times I have to convince myself to stop wearing the same colors on repeat. (;


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