Sunday, April 12, 2015

I haven't done a Yankee Candle review in a while and on a recent stroll around town, Craig and I picked up a few new Yankee Candle Scents and a few old favs. Grapefruit is one of my all time favs for spring summer scents as its so fresh and fruity! Its a gorgeous pink shade also and looks stunning on my mantle. Its the perfect refreshing pick me up scent and its not over powering at all. We also picked up the 3 new 'Cafe Culture' range from Yankee wax melts called Cappuccino Truffle, Pain Au Raisin and Tarte Tatin, which smell divine! I will be doing a review on those shortly, once I've had chance to melt them. I couldn't resist also getting Pink Grapefruit and Red Raspberry as they also smelt perfect for all this stunning spring weather we are now getting here in Wales. 

I hope your all having a fantastic Weekend and let me know what your favourite Spring Yankee Candle scents are in the Comments below. 

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  1. What great photos! Looks so "springy"!! Love it! I love the smell of grapefruits, too. It's so fresh and crisp and refreshing.

    Wishing you also a fantastic weekend!
    Much LOVE!
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. Thanks so much Stephanie! Aww crisp ..I should have used that word on my post haha your so right! It is refreshing and crisp :) Was a lovely weekend thank you , ate too much and it went to fast but looking forward to next weekend already hehe! Have a great week!

  3. I can`t wait to read your review on Cappuccino Truffle, I love everything that has a sweet scent. I don`t buy many Yankee Candles to be honest, I usually prefer the ones I see in Home Sense.


  4. Aww I haven't heard of home sense, I'll have to have a Google! Thanks , I haven't melted it yet but will do this weekend, it snekks devine through the packaging :) I love sweet scents too x

  5. Thank you Marie! Me to they are so addictive hehe got to have them all :) x

  6. they are addictive indeed ! I stopped buying them (for now) as I have so much to go through especially the melting one for my burner ! I still have a lot from Christmas edition!!! crazy ! what s your favourite scent ? I love vanilla frosting and summer scoop ( i think its called like this?) but I haven't try all of them.

  7. AW I know tell me about it, i have a bag in my cupboard full of tartes to melt in my burner hehe they are so nice. I can't resist buying more for so cheap also! My fav for the winter months and Xmas is spiced apple or Christmas eve and my fav for summer is probs vineyard grape (that's only available in celebration jar form now) or the fruity summer ones like grapefruit or summer slices, think that's what its called :) I do love summer scoop also so nice! X

  8. i haven't seen vineyard grape one but sounds awesome! lately i went in a shop and seen new one : tarte aux raisin etc they smelled so good but i was a good girl and get nothing until i cleared my collection.

  9. You'd love it! Oh nooo you should have got it ahhaa its amazing!! I've got a review coming soon :) I'm such a bad influence sorry haha x x

  10. you re a bad influence as I cannot wait my next trip in town to get some :)



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