Friday, April 03, 2015

ChokaBlok caught my eye back last year when I spotted their amazing chocolate bars on the shelf at Tesco. All their chocolate bars and ice creams are totally 'ChokaBlok' With tasty mouth watering treats which look totally different to many of the chocolate bars in the confectionery isle at the moment. So when I walked past their Easter Egg range I just knew I had to do a blog feature on them because...well look at them!!! Delicious right? They are something different from the normal Easter Egg and I'm sure anyone lucky enough to receive one of these eggs would be Egg'static, excuse the pun :) I'll give you a little run down of what Tesco say about their gorgeous ChokaBlok Range ...

Tesco ChokaBlok Banoffee Bonanza Giant Easter Egg - There's nothing better than banoffee pie for dessert. Unless it's a chunky milk chocolate egg packed with sweetened banana chips and chewy toffee pieces that you can eat any time. Our cheeky chefs have loaded the front too with a huge swirl of super thick white chocolate packed with more banana chips, white chocolate chunks and yes, more chewy toffee pieces.

Tesco ChokaBlok Very Berry Eton Mess Giant Easter Egg -There's nothing wrong with getting a little egg on your face. Well, so long as it comes from a chunky shell of creamy white chocolate. You get loads of fruity goodies, too. We've packed a handful of freeze dried strawberries and raspberries, decorated with a raspberry flavour pink splodge, and studded it with pieces of sweet and crunchy meringue.

Tesco ChokaBlok Choc Extremist Giant Easter Egg - Embrace your inner chocolate addict. A seriously thick Belgian milk chocolate shell loaded with dark and white chocolate chunks and chocolate covered malty balls with even more scrumptious chocolate treats revealed in a flood of dark chocolate.

Tesco ChokaBlok Billionaires Giant Easter Egg - Stand well back, somethings ticking. A thick, rich Belgian milk chocolate shell front loaded with explosive mouthfuls of chocolate coated shortcake biscuit, honeycomb pieces and chewy caramel fudge chunks, with even more treats locked into its thick, chunky shell.

Tesco Chokablok American Dreamcake Giant Easter Egg - Our chefs say that when somebody coined the phrase sweet dreams they were probably talking about this egg. A super thick shell of our white chocolate swirled with dark chocolate and packed with biscuit and chocolate brownie pieces. Even when it's gone, you'll still be daydreaming about it.

And if you not a huge chocolate fan then they also make Ice-cream and chilled treats , I especially have my eye on the Cookie Dough Mon-Star Ice Cream tub as it looks YUM!
Like I said, They sound AMAZING!!! And I cant wait to get my Easter Manicured Hands on one of these this weekend :)

Whats your Favourite type of Easter Egg? Let me know in the comments below the ' You May Also Like ' tab :)  I hope you all have a Fantastic Easter Weekend!

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  1. Hannah Cornish3 April 2015 at 23:01

    I was in Tesco tonight and spotted the slabs of chocolate they do, I really fancy some now!! The banoffee egg sounds deeeeeeelish :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  2. They look amazing don't they Hannah! Not a bad price for them either :) it does sound deeeelish your right hehe hopefully the Easter bunny brings us both one hehe :) *fingers crossed* x

  3. OMG! They look so gooood
    Andrea |

  4. wow these look so good!

  5. I know right Andrea!!! Sooo yummy! X

  6. They really do don't they! Why can't they be an all year round thing hehe not just Easter!! :D x


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