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Chocolate Treasures is a brand new innovative company who have combined two of most women's favourite things, chocolate and diamonds! They provide a luxury box of chocolates with a hidden treasure in a miniature box wrapped in foil to cleverly look like a chocolate, which has a piece of jewellery inside which can range between £10-£250. This would make a fantastic gift for a loved one or an exciting treat for yourself. I was lucky enough to receive one of the first boxes of pre-orders from Summer who is the founder and managing director at Chocolate Treasures. Summer is behind the whole concept as she is a jewellery and chocolate fanatic who loves a surprise, so what better way to combine all of those elements together. I couldn't wait to open the beautifully wrapped box of chocolates and find out what treasure was inside. 

But before I show you what my hidden treasure was I have to express who gorgeous these chocolates are! They are amazing, They remind me of the Ms. Honeys special chocolates in the film  Matilda. You get an assortment of 20 Milk, White and Dark Chocolates which do contain Nuts, Soya , Wheat , gluten, Milk and Eggs. They are suitable for vegetarians and Summer also hopes that in the near future they can offer a range for allergy sufferers so that everyone can enjoy the Chocolate Treasures Box. My absolute favourite from the box is the Creme Brulee  Chocolate. 
Now onto to the most exciting part, The hidden treasure 'Chocolate'. This is foil wrapped and in the centre of the box of chocolates. The hidden treasure's can include either Earrings, A ring or a Necklace ranging from £10-£250. You get to chose when ordering which jewellery box you would prefer and you can also state a preference.  When I asked Summer about the preference box here is what she said - 

''The preference box on the website is there for customers to state what kind of jewel they would like. This could be choosing a specific colour jewel or setting, i.e. Band ring/trilogy etc. It could be that they want something simple, a small pendant/pair of earrings or something larger and more sparkly! (This is all subject to availability. Providing we have the stock, we will fulfil preferences). I love the idea of allowing people to choose something which is more unique to their own style, after all, this product is especially for them. It could also come in handy if people are buying the box as a gift. I hate the feeling of buying a present and doubting whether the recipient is going to like it, (maybe it's not quite their style) so this way, it will hopefully give the buyer more confidence. :-)''

So as you can see, Summer is so kind and is doing everything she can to ensure all her customers are 100% happy with their Chocolate Treasures Box. You can purchase your box in confidence that you will be giving this box as the perfect surprise gift for someone with this special feature. 
The Hidden Treasure box is very well packaged inside a small container wrapped in foil. Inside that is a cellophane wrap with your treasure inside. My Treasure is a stunning sterling silver necklace with a round sparkly pendant. Summer is also hoping to be able to offer gold as an option in the future but for now all the treasures are sterling silver. The necklace is quite weighty so I knew it would be worth more than £10. 
My new necklace is so pretty and I cant wait to wear it! I rarely wear necklaces but this is nice and dainty yet still sparkly enough as a statement piece to be worn on a special occasion. My Hidden Treasure Necklace is valued at £45 which is amazing! Its so exciting to see whats inside the hidden treasure and then to find out its worth £45 is such a bonus! 

The Chocolate Treasures boxes are £24.99 , but Summer has given me an exclusive code for all my followers/ subscribers to use and enjoy which makes the box £19.99! Use the code BLOG20 when purchasing your Chocolate Treasures box from the website. I don't get commission when you use this code its simply for you to enjoy! 

Let me know in the comments what you think of The Chocolate Treasures Box and The Hidden Treasure 'Chocolate' Surprise? Would this be something you would buy for someone or yourself?

Be sure to also check out Chocolate Treasures on Facebook and Twitter!

*This post contains items sent for review.

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  1. WOW! How cool!! The chocolates look amazing and who wouldn't want a hidden treasure in there, too!? I agree these would make an awesome gift for anyone on your list.. as it's quite reasonable and you can pick the price range you're looking for. Awesome!!

    Much Love!!
    -Stephanie Eva


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