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As you may know back in January I cut out most of my Caffeine in take by cutting out coffee and Pepsi from my diet. I still enjoy 1-2 cups a day of either green tea or fruit tea which is much better for keeping my caffeine levels as low as possible. As I was on the hunt for a new hot drink to start and end my day with and enjoy as much as I used to enjoy coffee, I came across loads of new Tea brands that I hadn't heard too much about and loved the look of Birchall Tea in particular. Not only is the packaging/branding so luxurious but the tea ranges that they have on offer sounded phenomenal! 

Birchall Tea where kind enough to send me a selection of their award winning tea for me to review and I've really enjoyed trying new flavours I wouldn't have thought to pick up! I've only had the new teas for a few days but I couldn't wait to try out the Green Tea & Peach loose leaf tea first as I hadn't tried loose leaf tea before and it sounded so tasty! I used my Tea Infuser from The Range to steep the loose leaf tea in hot water for around 5 minutes. It was as amazing as I'd hoped, It was full of sweet fruity peach flavour with the green tea undertone. I didn't used to be a fan of Green Tea's but this one will forever be a favourite after only 3 days as its amazing! I highly recommend you try this Tea if you want the benefits of Green Tea but don't enjoy the taste. 

What Birchall say about their Green Tea & Peach...
Birchall Green Tea & Peach is a traditional green tea, blended with real fruit pieces and marigold flowers. This full flavoured, aromatic green tea is a plentiful source of anti-oxidants, which are known for their cleansing and detoxifying qualities and contains less caffeine than black tea, making it a wonderful substitute that can be enjoyed throughout the day. Once steeped in hot water, our vibrant green leaves unfurl to produce a rich, deep yellow infusion with a sweet fruity fragrance that is smooth, light and rounded with delicate floral notes.

I'd never tried Peppermint tea either and as soon as I had ripped open the sealed packaging of the tea bag...WOW! The Peppermint scent is so fresh yet calming and not to mention how stunning the packaging of the tea bag is. I know what your thinking how can the packaging of a tea bag be stunning??? well its like a little silky prism with the freshest tea leaves inside. Ordinary tea bags just look so compact and bland compared to the leafy amazingness of the Birchall Tea's. This tea is described as Fresh & Invigorating which it certainly is and I love it! And its Caffeine free, which is an added bonus!

What Birchall say about their Peppermint Tea...
Birchall Peppermint is a classic herbal tea made from only the finest pure peppermint leaves. Peppermint is traditionally acknowledged to aid digestion and our luxurious single mint infusion is entirely caffeine free, making it perfect as an after-dinner digestive or as a late evening refreshment. Our pursuit of quality ensures we have only picked whole peppermint leaves for this blend and it is these that give Birchall Peppermint its deep amber infusion, vibrant, awakening aroma and cool, minty taste.

Last night I had the pleasure of trying the Red Berry & Flower Herbal tea before bed and its also another fresh, calming , caffeine free blend which is full of fruity sweet flavour. It was a bright red shade which when sipped from my clear Bodum mug is very enjoyable. 

What Birchall say about their Red Berry & Flower Tea... 
Birchall Red Berry & Flower is a luxuriously smooth blend of sweet red berries and refreshing hibiscus. This full flavoured red fruit tea is a plentiful source of anti-oxidants and is naturally caffeine free, so you can enjoy it at any time of day. Our pursuit of quality ensures we have expertly balanced the sweet taste of strawberry in this infusion with the richer, distinctive notes of elderberry and hibiscus flower. It is these ingredients which combine perfectly to give Birchall Red Berry & Flower its deep, rich ruby-red liquor, lush, candied aroma and intense, fruity flavour.

All of the tea's that I have tried from Birchall Tea so far have really blown me away. I thought the cheaper super market range where nice before these now there really is no going back as these teas are luxurious , fresh and full of only the best tea leaves for maximum flavour. And they are a reasonable price for such quality tea also with the loose leaf tea being £4.60 for 50g and the 20 prism tea bags being £4.20. So not as cheap as other brands but I think its worth it for the quality and flavour of this range!

I cannot wait to try the rest of the Birchall Teas which include the breakfast blend Great Rift and Great Rift Decaf, the Pfunda Earl Grey tea , the fruit and herbal infusions Camomile , Lemon grass & Ginger and Organic Red Bush Tea

Birchall Tea have also been so kind as to offer all of my subscribers/ followers a 20% discount code off your first order untill 20th July using the code SJ0420 , I do not get commission if you use this code , its just for you to enjoy :) 

Have you tried Birchall Tea, Which flavour is your favourite? Or which flavour sounds most exciting to you? Be sure to leave me a comment below the ' You might also like section'.

*This post contains Products sent for review. All opinions are my 100% honest opinion. 

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  1. How did you manage to cut out coffee? Teach me the ways:)) Jokes aside, I do enjoy a good cuppa as well. I never tried anything from this brand, but the Peppermint one is very appealing.

  2. Thanks for commenting Georgiana ! I just literally stopped drinking coffee and caffinated tea and then completely went off the smell of coffee and everything lol x Im now back drinking caffeine in smal l doses as I didn't realise green tea had caffeine in lol my mistake but I've still not had a coffee in ages! X all of these teas are amazing you should def try them! Take advantage of my coupon code also if you do place an order :)


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