Sunday, March 29, 2015

For a while its been bothering me that when any of my lovely followers here on my blog comment on my posts, they don't get a reply notification when I reply. So, I did some research and nosing around to see what other blogs use to combat this issue and saw that Stephanie Eva, one of my good blogging friends uses a website called Disqus on her blog for her comments and replies.

I don't know too much about this Disqus website but from what I've gathered anyone can now comment on my blog , if you have a disqus account great, but if you don't you can choose to comment using either your social media sites or comment as a guest! If you comment as a guest you'll be asked to state your email address as that's how I will reply :) It was also pretty simple to install, within a few clicks it was all done for me and all I had to do with HTML code was fix a template error but that was all explained so that was only a copy and paste situation, which I'm sure we are all used to by now. 

If like me , after years of blogging you have only realised now that your replies via blogger don't get a notification then I hope this post has helped someone in someway. 

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Sophie YAY!!! So glad that you found Disqus through my blog! I think it's perfect. I was like you with my blog and really not happy with the old format where commenters didn't get my replies! My friend Kristen recommended I get Disqus, and a few days later, BOOM. Disqus'd!

    I hope you enjoy this, it really made me love my blog for the "community" it is a part of!
    Much Love!!

  2. Me too hehe thanks Stephanie! I know its so frustrating when you realize noone gets a reply notification lol I felt like i must look so rude as i always reply! Ha thats funny BOOM Indeed haha Disqus'd , it was easy to install but ive just done a whole new blog responsive template update and omg! the stress is real haha! I think its working ok now youll have to let me know if you encounter any probs! x


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