Sunday, February 22, 2015

Its been way to long since I've done a personal post so I thought id share with you a few pictures from last weekend...Valentines Weekend. We had a lovely Pain Au Chocolate breakfast with a Coffee for Craig and of course a Caffeine free fruit tea for me. Its officially been a month now of no caffeine and I'm feeling very proud! I didn't think id be able to cut it out completely but its gone and I'm feeling much better for it! I had a gorgeous bouquet of roses off Craig and a really nice card! I love the Quote as we always snuggle when the alarm goes off and snooze it for around an hour before actually getting up everyday hehe. 

We don't go mad on presents for Valentines as Craig's Birthday is right around the corner but I got him some chocolates and also coloured in the card so it looked more like us sitting in the tree. We chilled out most of the weekend and watched The Heat with Sandra Bullock and it was so funny! I highly recommend that film if you haven't watched it! We Subscribed to NOWTV so we can finally catch up on all the 2013/2014 movies we have missed. AND of course Valentines day isn't complete without a Valentines Themed Manicure. I did another Gel Sandwich on my nails which consists on a regular nail polish and nail art 'Sandwiched' between a base and a top coat of my Sensationail Gel polish. I kept it pretty simple to create using some chevron nail vinyls for my fore finger and hand painted on a heart on my ring finger. I also added tiny polka dots to my pinkie finger and my Barry M Christmas Limited Edition Glitter in starlight for my Thumb. I loved these nails and they lasted around 8 days before I decided to remove the gel and have a change. 

I hope you all had a Fantastic Valentines Day!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I love the nails, you did an amazing job putting the set together! Glad to hear your Valentine's Day was so fun and laid back. You both deserve some relaxation! I think that drawing of what I'm assuming is you and Craig is SO SWEET!!! Ah!!! I watched The Heat last year and I did enjoy it!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. awww thank you Stephanie x ahha yeah i bought the card but coloured the hair to make it look more like us haha :) x aw im glad youve seen it , its so funny isnt it! x


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