Monday, February 23, 2015

Saturday morning was like Christmas morning all over again, well for the cats in particular. They received their Valentines Special Purrfect Box which is a monthly subscription box for cats. It includes 5-6 high quality treats, toys , health, hygiene and grooming products. As soon as I got the box on the bed the cats knew it was for them, I didn't even have to call them to come and take a look what was inside.

Once I'd opened the box I realised what all their excitement was about, there was this cute cuddle heart toy filled with what I suspected was cat nip. Jodie started rolling around on the lid of the box . Silly me opened the box wrong so the lid was still in one piece. Then they both where chewing the heart still in the packaging and playfully fighting over it. I removed it from the packaging and oh my it stunk! I looked up what it was as it didn't smell like normal catnip toys. It turns out it was filled with pure Valerian root which is a plant similar to catnip but when googled states it can mimic the smell of cat urine. As much as they where enjoying this cute little toy I did have to unfortunately bin it as I worry that with Scottie being a boy he may try and scent it and spray which is a problem I wish to avoid AND it stunk the whole house out hehe.

With that aside the box then contained a nice cat magazine with cute little cat facts and information on the items in the box. The box also contained a reflective cat collar which is perfect for cats who venture out into the world. Unfortunately for mine they don't so I gave this to my neighbours cat as it features a clever clasp so if the cat gets caught on something it won't strangle the cat or hurt it as its not a conventional collar clasp. And its reflective so your cat can be seen at night! 

Then to my cats delight the box also came with a laser pen. My two love their laser pens and when ours ran out of battery last year, I kept forgetting to purchase batteries so this is fantastic to get a new one. They have not stopped playing with it ...well neither have I , its so much fun and Jodie our almost 9 year old goes crazy for it! 

The last few things in the box where treats consisting of cat caviar, liver pate and anti hairball paste. These we haven't tried yet as I do keep them on quite a strict diet due to them being indoor cats but my neighbours cats have had a good nibble on the cat caviar and it looked as though they thoroughly enjoyed it!
The Purrfect boxes are £19.90 per month with no commitment which means you can unsubscribe anytime. The more months you subscribe for the cheaper the box. Its quite an expensive subscription box but for our little furry friend to enjoy once a month, it is nice to receive and surprise them with. Oh and of course even when the box is empty , the cats can enjoy their favourite part of the Purrfext box...The Box of course hehe! Mine love a good nap on some cardboard so I'm sure this box will be very loved! 

Be sure to check out the Purrfect Box subscription plans to create a box Perfect for your cats AND don't worry Dog lovers, there's also a Pawsome Box for your four legged bestie. 

I loved seeing how happy Jodie & Scottie where with their first Purrfect Box and going off of Purrfect Box's Instagram page there are lots of very happy moggies at the moment. 

I hope you like this review! Let me know if this is something you would subscribe to for your pets?

*This post contains products sent for review purposes. All reviews are 100% honest and my own opinion. 

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  1. This is the CUTEST thing ever. I love how like "not excited" but TOTALLY excited the cats look... I don't think cats can ever show their excitement. Purrhaps (ha, PUN, sorry) it's part of "cat etiquette"? I like that the price goes down the longer you're subscribed. I think all sub-boxes should do that, it shows that they value their customers!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. haha yeah they always look so unexcited , not impressed by me taking a thousand pics either haha! great pun haha! yeah they defo should all do that it makes sense! if you want to sign up for a whole year then its cheaper! it sure does! The cats loved it! x

  3. dat duck pose tho!! :-)


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