Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I'd literally spent weeks umming and ahhing about the Mac face & body foundation as Id wanted it for years and did not know what shade to purchase. Not being able to get to the Mac store to be colour matched was causing me issues as I just did not know what shade to purchase as a Christmas present off Craig. I ask many of my blogging and youtuber friends and with lots of help and advise I finally found my shade. What shade did I chose?? Well let me first tell you about how I chose it a little of my favourite YouTube's and a very talented lady Sharon Farrell pointed me in the direction of , Findation is a website which asks you what you already use for foundation ie what brand and shade and then it tells you your perfect match in a ton of other brands.  Amazing right!

Face & Body Foundation is exactly what i expected it to be. Its sheer, skin like and perfect for my dry skin. I'd watched so many professionals use this foundations online that I knew that the foundation would be liquidy and a tad hard to work with at first. It will take a bit of getting used to to find the best way to apply it for my skin and preferred finish. It's a build able light coverage and the more you buff it in to your skin the fuller and more flawless the finish.

I think its perfect for normal to dry skin, I'm not sure from reviews I've read from others but I don't think it would be great for oily to combo skin unless used with a powder to set it. Let me know if you've used F&B and what your thoughts are for your skin type?

Watch my full first impressions and application video below.

I hope you al enjoyed my first , first impressions video and let me know if you'd like me to do more of this type of vide.

Thanks so much for watching and reading!

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  1. I find the best way to apply it is with my fingers! I bought it on a whim from the Cosmetic Company Outlet store in Bicester Village and after googling a lot, fingers seemed the best way to go! The product as you said builds with more working in and the warmth really helped with that!
    Mary-Ann xx
    Angel Flicks

    1. Thanks for the tip Mary-Ann, ill give it a try! Id seen Sharon Farrell and Nikkie Tutorials on Youtube use fingers/hands and they said it also helps with the warming up of the products , thank you :)

  2. I loved the video (even after watching again). Your skin just glows with the foundation one. I do love F&B but for me the undertone can almost be too yellow (BIG BOO HOO to that!). But you keep enjoying that MAC gurlfrand!

    I'm also super jealous of your soft box lights.. They look like so much fun, haha!
    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Thank you so much for watching again Stephanie , such a loyal friend! yeah i hear it is hard to colour match for pale skin gals x Sorry about that, you could try mixing it with the white f&B? not because your that pale just because it will help tone down the yellow. Aw thanks they are amazing! So much easier to film after work now when the lightings gone x x x

  3. I'm dying to get my hands on this, Think I'll def go ahead and purchase it as soon as I can
    I love your hair colour! x

    1. Let me know how you get on with it Lulu, Id love to know your first impressions when you get it x Awww thank you :) x x

  4. Ooh I've not tried this! Studio Fix Fluid is my holy grail so maybe I should give some of the other MAC formulas a go xx

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