Friday, January 30, 2015

You already know I'm obsessed with YouTube Videos, I watch so many videos every day from my fav YouTubers that I thought Id feature them in a post for you all to discover them and hopefully check out their channels and subscribe. Most of these YouTubers have been my favs for a while now , there's only a few that are fairly recent favourites but I just have to tell you a little about each of them and what their channels are all about and if they appeal to you then 'Your Welcome' as I'm sure they will become your favourites too! So without further ado in no particular order my favs...

Nikkie Tutorials is the funniest most real beauty guru I've ever watched! She is so talented and produces the best makeup tutorials around. I've watched her channel literally since early 2007 I think when Lauren Luke and Kandee Johnson started out and her videos are phenomenal! Also her 'Hits & oh god no's!' Are solo funny! 

Sophiey Louise  is brand new to the YouTube world! Sophie and I have been instagram friends since she subbed to my channel a while ago but she's recently started filming her own beauty related videos which I highly recommend. 

Essie Button I could literally talk about EsteΓ©'s channel, blog and vlog channel all day but I'll basically just say you NEED to go visit all three and her social sites and subscribe as soon as possible for the #essiebuttoneffect haha. 

Jordan Bone is so unbelievably talented. She is such an inspirational young lady and has so much to her channel. From beauty and makeup inspired videos to positivity chat. She really is one to watch! She's just got engaged so I'm sure she will be incorporating wedding themed videos into her channel soon also. 

Jade The Libra I discovered around Halloween time when I started watching her amazing Halloween makeup tutorials! She is super quirky and has the most stunning hair colour. Her favs videos are really helpful to me as she is a fair skinned gal and her product recommendations are always really good for my skin tone.

Stephanie Eva and I have been blogging friends for ages now and as you may have seen we collaborated before Christmas. She is a makeup and nail technician and knows her stuff! Love her videos on YouTube and her accent is so watchable. 

Sharon Farrell is one of my favourite makeup artists on YouTube. She is so skilled and her makeup looks are so pretty. Sharon has looks for everyone, from smokey dark dramatic eyes to soft everyday neutrals and I'm sure you'll love her channel. 

Karina Kaboom is the go to lady for honest reviews on makeup and nail polish. She must have every polish ever made and uploads fantastic reviews all the time of the new polish launches and collections. I love how genuine she is and you know when she tells you something is the bomb...it really is! 

Lowran Marie and last but not least Lauren is also so genuine and her product reviews are really informative. Her makeup always looks perfect and her makeup tutorials and wedding videos are a really great watch. 

I hope you've all enjoyed my first 'Feature Your Face Friday' and I will be posting another one soon of more of my favourite YouTubers. Be sure to check out all their channels if your looking for more channels to subscribe to who keep it real and are genuine girls! 

Thanks for reading! Enjoy the channels featured!

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  1. This makes me so happy! Thank you so much 😘😘😘❤️ Xxx

  2. This is such an awesome idea!! I absolutely LOVE Nikkie, she is also from Holland!! And Sharon does have great makeup tips and skill, you're so right about that! I look forward to catching up with the others on your list. Also, big THANK YOU for adding me here. It was such a nice surprise to wake up to this morning on Instagram!!

    -Stephanie Eva

    1. LOLOL I wrote on the Youtube video that I was off to read about the YouTubers, but THEN I REALIZED I've already freaking been here. HAHAH. What is wrong with me?


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