Sunday, December 14, 2014

This week has been slower than id have liked in regards to weight loss but still when it came to weight day , i had lost half a pound. My weight now with less than 2 weeks till Christmas is 9st 1lbs meaning I've lost a total of 2lb in my first 2 weeks of my  'Shape up' for Christmas collaboration with Stephanie. My goal is to be comfortably below 9st before Christmas day so that I have a few lbs to enjoy myself over the holidays and eat all the stunning Christmas foods. Staphanie is doing so well over on her blog so make sure you check out her posts here. I've got my new goals to share with you this week but before I get onto those here is how last week went...

My 3 goals last week where ,Stick to 28 Daily Weight Watchers Pro PointsyMake sure I workout twice this week + walk to the post officeMeditate regularly this week .I think I did pretty well this week at sticking to my points. I could have not had so many of my 49 weeklies and lost more weight but when your Christmas shopping and your fiance offers you a Greggs festive bake and a caramel custard donut, how can you say no? It was delicious but came in at 25 weight watchers points with a Lucozade orange for my Drink, you can see where the extra points are going. 

The goal of working out twice this week also went really well, I did the above workout twice once on Wednesday and then again on Monday as my 'weeks' are currently Tuesday - Tuesday. Not going to lie, this workout compared to the Nike Training app ones I used to do last year , seamed relatively easy but I struggled. I did all but the last exercise before the cool down and my god! I was zonked! My legs felt like elephant legs haha you know those tired super heavy legs you get after working out and I was bright red! The next few days where also hard as my calves and my thighs where aching loads but as i always say '' If its hurting, its working!'' So I think this workout is super good for a quick fat burning cardio sesh. I didn't walk to the post office once unfortunately but...we did do a 12 hours shopping marathon with lots of excessive walking, carrying heavy shopping bags and pushing a full trolley of groceries so I think that would have helped!
And lastly the Meditation is one I'm really starting to enjoy. I listen to different videos about 3 times a week when I'm relaxing in the bath and the videos linked above are really nice ones. I enjoy the female voice as they are so relaxing and I think in time with doing the guided meditation for stress relief and positive thinking , it will improve my metal side of things as I do tend to think the worst and stress over the silly things in life. 

I'm struggling a bit to come up with 3 new goals as my last goals are ones I will continue to stick to ,So I'll list below my current goals that I will be sticking to this week...

  • Stick to 28 weight Watchers Pro Points Daily.
  • Use as little of my 49 weekly points as possible.
  • Walk to the Post Office at least 3 times this week.
  • Work out three times this week. 
  • Drink pleanty of water.
  • Meditate 
  • Get at least 8 hours sleep each night.

With my 2nd week of my 'shape up' challenge finished and Im already 4 days into week 3, I'm feeling positive about being below 9st for Christmas and I look forward to sharing how my 3rd week summary went with you soon in part #4. Let me know in the comments if you try any of the above videos, Id love to know how you got on with them.

Hope your all having a fantastic weekend!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Yay Sophie!!! First I'd like to say; 12 HOUR SHOPPING SPREE WHAT?!?!?!!? Hahaha. That's a fantastic amount of shop-time. Wow. I don't think I've done over 5 hours.. Maybe? Thank you for sharing your cardio video. I hope I can find the will-power to try it today. I still have two Ballet Beautiful sessions to complete by tomorrow, so I could have a failure, or doing it along with cardio for a mega workout. For whatever reason today was a tough day to find any motivation. We shall see... Also thank you for including the meditation videos. I'd look on Youtube but hadn't seen these (or if I did I didn't click them for whatever odd reason). I think I will add that 10 minute guided meditation to my goal list for next week...? :D

    Much Love and keep up the awesome work!!!


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