Tuesday, December 09, 2014

We don't normally get our Christmas tree until the 17th or something ridiculously late into the holidays but this year Craig wanted to get into the spirit of things earlier, so on Saturday we went and bought our Tree! We always like to get a Nordmann Fir which is a non drop tree so it lasts a little longer than the traditional Norway Spruce , ha look at me sounding like a Christmas tree expert. I'm no expert but I have definitely learnt a thing or two about buying a real Christmas trees over the years...
I know our tree isn't decorated in a traditional colour such as red, gold or silver but when we moved house 5 years ago we decided we wanted to switch up the colour of our decorations from silver to well...every colour haha! I know multicolour can sometimes look tacky but I think our tree is modern quirky and totally our style! We love decorating it every year and always laugh at the weird decorations we have bought over the years to add to our collection. Such as this little skiing snow ball we picked up from Festive
Last year one of our light sets blew so we needed to get some new lights this year and after searching every shop for warm white lights opposed to bright white or blue, we came across the last 2 sets of warm white led multifunction lights in Matalan for £12 each for 120 lights. We got the 2 sets we needed and then had a coupon for £5 off so that's always nice to get money off. Lights seamed super expensive everywhere this year even in Tesco and Asda.
Whilst looking in Asda for lights we found these adorable decorations which we just could not leave in the shop. My new decoration is the cutest bright pink donut with multicoloured sparkly sprinkles and Craig's new decoration is the awesome Blue glittery Robot, these where only £2 each so super cheap and I think they go perfectly on our modern quirky themed tree. 

Is your Christmas tree up yet? What colour scheme are your decorations?

Hope your all having a fantastic week so far!

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  1. i got mine up last weekend! it has ornaments fr my travels

  2. I simply adore how quirky and fun your tree is. Yes, you do sound like quite the tree expert! Haha! Our tree is similar in a way. We don't decorate all with the same red and green hanging bulbs or anything. We have loads of personal ornaments, and that's what we've used the last couple of years. We STILL haven't put up any Christmas decor because we've (Spencer especially) been so busy. I'm starting to fear we won't be having a tree this year. Hopefully that will all change. Thank you super-mucho for sharing your AWESOME Christmas tree!!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva


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