Monday, November 24, 2014

If you've followed my blog for a while you will known that I started weight watchers back in April 2013 and lost 49lbs by Christmas last year. I have posted several weight loss update posts and weight watchers points lists here on my blog which I will link to here if you you missed them last year. I tracked my points and weight loss religiously for a whole year and then in April this year in decided to stop writing down my points as I'd gotten a good grasp of what I could and couldn't eat within my points, in the hope that I would stay at a stable weight and be in control of my weight without stressing over points.

It worked! And I was able to stay below my original target weight of 9st for around 5 months BUT then we got a car and stopped walking EVERYWHERE and the lbs have slowly crept back on. With it being my birthday also in October I've got far to comfortable eating cake cookies and anything I can get my hand on. Ive gained 6 lbs since September and want to loose those lbs now before Christmas so I can enjoy all the holiday food without gaining more weight. So that is why I have decided along with my good blogging friend Stephanie to 'shape up' for Christmas and do collab posts on our blogs to document our progress and set goals each week for the next 4 weeks before Christmas so we can feel great and binge on all yummy Xmas foods!
We will both be posting every week on our blogs to update on our weight loss and healthy changes that we have made throughout the week. We will set three goals each week and let you know if these goals where achieved in the following weeks post. I will link to Stephanie's post here and be sure to check out her post as she is doing it a little different to me as I will be incorporating weight watchers points into my posts. 

So to start off my shape up for Christmas collaboration challenge here are my first 3 goals for this week...

Drink 2 litres of water a day - As Stephanie mentioned in her post, I also forget to drink water throughout the day and regularly get huge headaches as I get so dehydrated. Craig and I have started to buy bottled water so that it will be easier to make sure we have drank enough water in the day. Im also cutting down on caffeine and instead of starting my day with a coffee I'm having a fruit tea instead.

Work out twice this week - I used to do the Nike Training Club app workouts back when I lost all my weight so I need to start doing these again and a couple of cardio workouts off YouTube I also find are really good. 

Stick to 28 Weight Watchers Daily Pro Points - To originally loose weight I stuck to 26 WW daily pro points and to maintain my weight I stuck to 35 so this time around I'm going to stick to 28 daily points along with my 49 extra weeklies so I hopefully loose weight but it's not too hard to stick to. Just in case you where wondering my breakfast pictured above of 40g Honey Shreddies with 125ml semi skimmed milk comes to 5 pro points.

I will let you know how I get on with these goals and hopefully fill you in on any weight loss in my next 'Shape up for Christmas ' post soon. Feel free to share any weight loss tips or goals of your own in the comments below and I hope you all enjoy mine and Stephanie's posts!

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  1. So exciting! I love your photo combination title post. I feel like we're like tag-team on a wrestling video game (but in a classy and chic way, hahha isn't it exciting!). Can't wait for our updates. It's so funny that you also forget the water. I forced myself to drink a full glass while staring down loads of sushi, and I was hungry! Haha. GOOD LUCK with your week!

    Much Love!!


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