Friday, November 28, 2014

The letraset Promarkers have been my favourite markers to use for a while now since I started back doing fashion illustrations in my free time. I only had a couple which were Craig's and had been searching the web for the best prices on the Promarkers as they can be quite pricey pens. 

They are such great pens for colouring illustrations as you can blend and shade with them and also they don't create stroke marks or streaks in your drawing. Perfect for fashion illustrations. I was on the hunt for a skin set of colours from letraset and also a few more practical shades for clothing like black and greys, when I came across them on ViciousMalicious.com . Russell from Vicious Malicious was kind enough to send me 10 brand new pro markers* to review, two fine liners* and the bleedproof letraset marker pad*, so I couldn't wait to swatch the new shades and get illustrating...

The shades I received are (left-right) Canary, Pale Pink, Carmine, Crimson, Henna, Pine, Violet, Indigo Blue, Cool Grey 3 and Black. The fine liners are the letraset black fine liners in 0.1 and 0.5 thickness. I'm so pleased with these shades as I can now create more fashion illustrations without having to scan my drawings into my computer and digitally colour the as I have been doing for a while.
The Bleedproof Marker pad* is excellent also as it doesn't bleed the colour onto the page beneath it as my old pad did and the sheets are so soft it makes drawing on the page much easier. I'm not sure if its the paper also but when I make a mistake with my pencil and need to erase it, its so much easier and leaves no obvious pencil marks behind.
Here are two of my recent illustrations which where completely hand drawn on the bleedproof pad, finelined and then coloured using all of my letraset pro markers. I used Ivory and Blush which I already had in my collection for the skin and then used Black , Cool Grey 3 and Pine for the hair and clothing. These illustrations are of Kylie and Kendall Jenner and you can check out more of my fashion illustrations by clicking here to go to my Instagram page.

These Promarkers are availale from Vicious Malicious  for £1.70 each and the fine liners are £1.95 which is a great value as they are considerably more on Hobbycraft or other retailers online. They all came very well packaged and arrived really quick in the post so i highly reccomend Vicious Malicious for service and customer care.

Have you tried the Letraset Promarkers?

Thanks for reading!

*This post contains products sent for review. 

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  1. Wow, your illustrations are amazing! My arty friends use these pens all the time and they really do look incredible! <3 xx


  2. You are seriously so talented. I still hope to find a way to take a full-body "selfie" and commission you for a drawing. UGH. LOVE. I can certainly appreciated a no-bleed marker pad, it's so necessary for marker-media, especially! I've not tried Letraset, but I will see if they are available in the US and perhaps I can compare them to my current favorite Prismacolors. These do look great!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva


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