Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Its that time of year again when the Halloween make up looks and tutorials saturate the Internet and i LOVE it! I always really enjoy doing Halloween manicures and this year I went for something a little different. I recently posted about my Almond shaped Louboutin Nails so I wont talk too much about those but the Sugar Skull Nail Art Water Decals are from Charlies Nail Art and they are super easy to use and perfect for the last minute Halloween Manicure.

All you have to do with these Sugar Skull Floral Nail Art Water Decals* is cut out the designs that you would like to use and then once you have them all cut out, Dip them into water for 10-20 seconds until the decal easily slides off the backing paper.

Then all you do is wet your nail slightly and position the decal as desired. They don't stick instantly which is brilliant as you can keep moving them around until your completely happy with them. I think this is much easier than nail stickers as they are sometimes too sticky. Yes... I did just call some Nail Stickers too sticky haha!

I really like this manicure and think its perfect for Halloween or even in the summer these Floral Skull Nail Decals would look lovely over a pastel shade. I also used the Beauty UK 'Nails' polish in the shade Black Out. These Decals are available from Charlies Nail Art for an amazing £1!!! There's loads more nail art decals and stickers available from Charlies Nail art and I highly recommend Charlie personally as she is so helpful and her customer service is brilliant!

Let me know what Manicure you will be Rocking this Halloween?

*This post contains PR samples sent for review. 

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  1. These decals are VERY cute. I love floral and skulls are perfect for halloween... Together it makes me supah-happy! I'll still be rocking my zombie brains witch symbols and cobwebs for halloween. Although tonight I think I'm going to add some glow in the dark polish to the accents so when the lights are out it adds a little oomph of awesome!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. AW thank you Stephanie! Your zombie nails looked amazing! I couldn't believe you'd hand drawn them! So talented x I bet the glow in the dark looked awesome over the top ! X
      Hugs x


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