Tuesday, September 23, 2014

I absolutely love a curry on a Friday night and Craig & I regularly buy the Tesco frozen Indian meals which are only £1.50 each for a chicken curry in sauce and pilau rice. I used to make my own curry's on a Friday but its so cheap to buy these and they taste amazing! We love the chicken korma the most as its so creamy and flavoursome but the Butter Chicken is also really nice and full of more of a tomato flavour. 
The rice is lovely and doest have those horrible perfume flavouring things that the Asda Indians have which we always pick out otherwise they ruin your meal if you bite into them. I'm not 100% sure what they are called but if you have had one in your rice you will know exactly what I'm on about :) The Garlic and coriander Naan breads are huge and so filling! They are the perfect side with these curry's and go a little golden in the halogen oven but still fluffy and soft on the inside which i love for dipping into the korma or butter chicken sauce. 

I didn't take a photograph unfortunately of the strudel and custard as it was so yummy , I completely forgot but its also massive and is only £1 from Tesco. Dont be put off by the fact that its from the Tesco Value section as its delicious. It is 600g so we half it and then half it again over two nights and both have a portion each. 

Fakeaway #2 Weight Watchers Pro Points Values

Tesco Chicken Korma With Pilau Rice 375G = 17 Pro points 

( Butter Chicken is also 17 Pro Points per meal ) 

Tesco Garlic/Coriander Naan - per 130g naan bread = 9 Pro Points

Tesco Everyday Value Apple & Custard Strudel - per 150g = 10.5 Pro Points

Tesco Ready To Serve Low Fat Custard - per 125g = 3 Pro Points

Pepsi Max - per bottle = 0 Pro Points

Total Fakeaway #2 Pro Points = 39.5

This meal is quite high on weight watchers points but if you have saved your 49 extra weekly points its the perfect Fakeaway weekend treat and so filling! You wont be hungry and you would have enjoy a tasty curry without braking the bank or the weight watchers points allowance. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. This looks amazing! I was on weight watchers for a little and would do something similar; save the weekly extra points!! After a certain point, weight watchers stopped working for me, which is so unfortunate. The system is so easy to follow and I know if I were counting points still I would totally save my weekly extras for a meal like this!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  2. I heard that in UK there are TESCOs basically everywhere (it's UK brand, so it's quite obvious that it is popular here, but I was just wondering is this that popular as Walmart in US?)
    In Poland we have a lot of TESCOs too :P


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