Wednesday, August 27, 2014

As this summer is coming to and end , I thought I may as well post my last summer OOTD post before its so cold that I'm forced to retire the denim shorts until next year. This year I loved wearing my converse at all times and was a bit nervous about wearing them with shorts as they are high tops but as they have come back into 'fashion' a lot this year, nobody even batted an eyelid to the high tops and short situation I had going on nearly everyday this summer! They are so comfortable and went with nearly all of my summer tee's and vests! I love this printed t-shirt from Primark, Its really soft cotton and has white daisy's printed all over it. It was only £3 when I bought it a few weeks ago and is the perfect cheap everyday causal tee. Its more girly than my normal tee's but I thought it looked super cute with my cat bag.  
My shorts are from River Island and are actually a really old pair or jeans which id butchered to make denim rosettes for a uni project when the jeans didn't fit me anymore. They where in my scrap material bag and as I was looking recently for a piece of material to make a peg bag ( random I know ) , I rediscovered them and realised they where a size 10 which back last year would never had fitted me so I was chuffed when they fitted and I could now wear them after probs 5 years of them being in my scrap material bag! 

It was really sunny when Craig took these pictures of me so excuse the squint. My sunglasses where from Primark back last year and are aviator style with a teal outline around the rims. 

I hope your all having a great week so far!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Love the high tops with the shorts, no need to be nervous about that! And that is so awesome being able to wear the shorts again after then sat for so long in the "scraps"... Such a satisfying feeling, I'm sure! Wish I could say I've been experiencing the same luck with my clothing... Hahah! Hope you are also having a great week!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Aw thank you so much Steph! Haha I know I had my scissors at the ready to cut the leg out of them for the peg bag i was about to make and then i was like ''wait a minute!! I can wear these hahaha!' aw was so chuffed , thank you x Aww im sure you'll have some luck soon :* x
      Huge Hugs

  2. I adore your pink converse! I want some of my own! xx

    The Persephone Complex

    1. Thank you! They are so comfortable, ive had this pair for over 7 years haha x x x


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