Friday, July 11, 2014

Last week Craig's sister Lisa kindly gave me these two Body Shop products as she wasn't 100% sure on the scent and didn't want them to go to waste. I on the other hand was delighted with them as they smell amazingly sweet and exactly like their name Vineyard Peach. Its quite a sickly 'overly sweet' peach scent so I completely understand why they wouldn't be to everyone's taste but I just love how strong and summery they smell.

I've never tried a Body Shop body spray before so I was excited to see how well fragrances the spray was and also how long is lasted throughout the day. I spritz a few sprays of this in the usual perfume spots on my arms and neck and its so Lush! Craig and I have this joke when he puts a lot of his Clinique Happy aftershave on I always say he's 'fallen into an orange grove' so with this body spray being so strong ,he used the joke on me and asked if I had fallen into a peach vineyard. You can imagine his joy using my own joke on ME! Hehe :)

The body butter is just as divine, with it being strongly scented again its amazing to apply as soon as you've stepped out of the bath. Its not greasy at all and soaked straight into my skin leaving it so soft and smooth all day. I feel that it really hydrates my skin and I can smell it on me all day.

If your a fan of peach scents this is definitely the combination for you as its perfect, refreshing and gorgeous! Lisa's favourite Body Shop Scent is the new Raspberry Fragrance which is really nice too. I will need to take advantage of the constant discount codes in my inbox soon and purchase some of the Raspberry products myself. The body scrub and shower gel look great!

Hope your having a great day!
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  1. I have this but in vanilla I just love body shop products they are so amazing and good for the skin and smell so good.

    amazing blog :)

    I have just done a new summer tag and tag everyone would be great if you would check it out and leave a comment what you think :)


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