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Monday, June 09, 2014

With the Fifa 2014 World Cup just 3 days away, Its customary to be sporting a Football/World Cup themed manicure right? I'm not going to lie , I normally hate football but with it being the World Cup which is a massive deal all over the world, I would be super ignorant not to acknowledge it and try and enjoy it as I'm sure so many will over the next few weeks. 

This manicure is a mix of hand painted nail art and water decals which I always love using as they are so easy to use and look so effective...
I used my new favourite clear base and top coat from Beauty UK from their nails range,  my usual Colour Workshop French white polish, 17 fast finish nail polish in Nightshade, Beauty UK yellow from their Tropical nail set, Vivo nail polish in the shade Take Time, A Green nail start nail striper and Beauty UK 'Nails' polish in the shade Post Box Red. 

I also used my Fing'rs nail art brushes and mini dotting tool and the QVS angled tweezers. 
Kim from At Your Finger Tips very kindly sent me these water decals so that I could achieve the perfect World Cup 2014 nails to support England! These water decals are amazing and are currently on sale for 50p! That's an amazing 60% off! So be sure to get yours soon to ensure awesome nails in time for kick off ⚽
I started off by applying two coats of the white nail polish to all my nails and then once that was dry I took some black nail polish on the thinnest nail art brush and painted a football onto my thumb finger. 

The football is very easy to do as you just draw a hexagon shape in the centre of the nail and then paint half circles in the four corners of your nail. Once that's done all you have to do is draw straight lines from each of the hexagon corners to the outside of the nail as shown.
Then whilst that is drying, I start to cut out the nail art water decals and remove the clear film from the decals. I then dip the water decal into a glass of water for around 15-20 seconds ready to apply to my nails. Once the decal is wet it will easily slide off the backing paper.
I applied two of the union jack water decals to my forefinger and ring finger nails. I love how the water decals aren't too sticky and you can play around with the positioning of it on your nail until your happy and then dab the nail and decal with a paper tissue to soak up excess water and then the decal will stick down to the nail. 
I then placed some polish in the yellow, blue,green and red shades onto some paper and used my smallest dotting tool to paint the '2014' onto my middle finger, leaving space for a football water decal. 
I copied the official Fifa Brasil 2014 logo to draw the '2014' and get the colour orders correct. I also used a tiny line of white polish for the ribbon that is on the logo over the blue '0'. 
I then applied the football water decal to the same nail and as you can see below they are easy to slide onto your finger once they are wet and they don't stick until you want them to if that makes sense. 
I think this decal went really well with the '2014' logo on my nail and there's loads of them in the pack so you will have enough for your fingers and toes should you wish to do a matching pedicure.
And lastly I applied the English three lions badge to my pinkie finger which I think looked great and really pulled this whole Football World Cup nail art together. Not forgetting to apply my top coat to seal in the water decals and nail art.

I really like the finished manicure and even though I'm not normally a huge football fan, I actually really enjoyed doing a nail art design that I hadn't done before and think that they looked pretty cool!

Have you painted your nails in a World Cup Theme? I'd love to see if you have, let me know in the comments below! And as I mentioned above if you would like to purchase these water decals , they are available from At Your Finger Tips for 50p!!!

Thanks for reading

*This post contains PR Samples.

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  1. SO CUTE!! You did an awesome job!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva


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