Thursday, June 26, 2014

How Cute is this Robot Print T-Shirt? I spotted it ages ago in the Primark Lounge section and knew that I wanted it to wear as an everyday Tee not to sleep in as it was far too awesome. The Print is so lush, its 2 Robots holding hands with the words 'We..Found...A..Spark..' underneath the print. It was £5 but then last week when I was browsing my local Primark it was on a sale rack for £1!!! I couldn't leave it there for that! 
I wore a light grey camisole under the Tee as its a tad see through at the back and I also wore my Light wash Primark Skinny Jeans with this outfit. These jeans are so comfortable, they are my fav skinny's and I have the same jeans in the dark denim and the grey colour from Primark. I think they are around £9 so super affordable and nice quality too. 

These Converse are honestly 7 years old...and are the first pair I ever purchases back when Converse cost £19.99! Now they are quite expensive but obviously worth every penny as there are no other shoes that I've owned for 7 years which are still in good condition and are even wearable. Random fact...they are also the shoes I was wearing when I first met Craig 

I have also had my hair cut and recoloured, I've decided to go a shade darker with the red as it was looking so dry and damaged with the other colours I was using, so I will be doing a new How I dye my hair red post soon. If your interested in that be sure to follow my blog to be the first to know about new posts!

Thanks for reading!

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