Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Village Candles are by far my favourite jar candles ever as they are so amazing at filling my whole house with a burst of fragrance and they burn for ages! I've worked Village Candle before to review their candles and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to review 3 of their new summer scents. I was so excited to get these candles as they looked and sounded amazing online,  I couldn't wait to start burning them...
The first Candle is called Frozen Margarita 26oz and it smells so fresh and summery. The picture on the jar is the perfect explanation of the scent as its full of zesty limes and lemons with a mix of citrus fruits. It also states its blended with golden tequila and a hint of sea salt, so the perfect summer Candle for a refreshing Citrus Kick!
The next candle is the Summer Slices 26oz which is again exactly what it says on the jar. I'm a huge melon fan and it smells so true to melon slices in the summer mixed with crisp cucumber and cantaloupe. This candle literally makes me so hungry for a water melon snack and reminds me that I need to pick one up on my next grocery shop. If your not a huge fan of Melon scents then this candle won't be for you as its very melon based but I love it!
And last but not least is this Fresh Strawberry 11oz jar Candle. It smells obviously like fresh picked strawberries but it also is very sweet and smells loads like the Haribo Strawb sweets which Craig & I both love.  It is bright red so a gorgeous colour and I can't wait to burn this candle more in my kitchen this summer.
I have only had these candles since Friday so I can't give a overall review on the length of time they burn for or how the different sizes burnt down but from m past experience with the village candles, I can tell already that these aren't going to disappoint. I've burnt the frozen Margarita Candle all weekend and its only burnt down an inch and has had a perfect pool of wax each time I've burnt it. It doesn't leave any wax around the out side and doesn't tunnel as it has 2 wicks.

The 26oz candles claim to burn for up to 170 hours and the 11oz jars burn for up to 55hours which is awesome as they are so affordable.  You can purchase village candles from many places but the best place I've found for really good prices is Amazon.

Let me know if you've tried the Village Candles? What's your favourite fragrance?

Thanks for reading!

*This post contains PR Samples sent to me for review. 

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    1. Thanks Marissa, they really are amazing! They smell so good :) x


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