Monday, June 23, 2014

I haven't done a food / weight watchers pro points related post in a while so I thought I'd mix things up about and tell you all about my recent Fakeaway nights that We've been thoroughly enjoying in the past few weeks. As Takeaways can be a little on the pricey side with a massive weight watchers pro points value, Fakeaways are a great way of enjoying a Friday or Saturday night for no more than a fiver and keeping within your pro points allowance.
I LOVE pizzas and my personal fav is a dominos dominator base meteor or mighty meaty BUT that easily costs £25 with drinks,dips,chicken strippers and cookies and the points are well over my weekly and daily points allowance. No super market pizza really comes close to a Dominos but this Chicago Town limited edition BBQ Sizzler with a stuffed BBQ crust is AMAZING!

Its a tad doughy but I quite like that. The BBQ sauce, cheese, peperoni and peppers are so tasty. Its 655g which when shared with Craig is the perfect portion, which fills me up enough without having a side with it.
We also had the Tesco Millionaires cheesecake for the first time last Friday and oh my! It is delicious. We will definitely be getting it again as it was so good. Really creamy and thick with the best caramel sauce under the chocolate layer.

I also don't go a weekend without a bottle of something fizzy. I know fizzy drinks aren't the best or healthiest of drinks but as I don't drink alcohol at all, I think I'm allowed a bottle or two of zero sugar fizzy on the weekends!

I always get Pepsi Max as its 0 weight watchers pro points and as the weather is so hot at the moment I fancied a fruity pop also and this week I had the Tesco Mango Zero which was so refreshing and I think its my new fav summer drink.

Fakeaway #1 Weight Watchers Pro Points Values

Chicago Town BBQ Sizzler - per half pizza 327.5g = 23 Pro points 
Tesco Millionaires Cheesecake - per 112g = 12 Pro Points 
Tesco Mango Zero - per bottle = 0 pro points

Total Fakeaway #1 Pro Points = 35 

As you can see the points are still a little higher than your average weight watchers meal but if you have saved your 49 extra weekly points up you can be sure to have a nice meal without sabotaging your whole weeks worth of counting and sticking to your daily points. 

I hope you all enjoy this post and enjoy your Fakeaways!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I'll have to let my mum know about this as she's not long started Weight Watchers, and to also show her she can still have a treat!!

    Hannah xo | hannatalks

    1. Thanks Hannah! Weight Watchers is great, I have done a few posts on foods and points etc , i wish your mum luck with her weight loss as its amazing when you see the lbs disapearing :) x


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