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I've whitened my teeth before with a kit off eBay which worked amazingly but I'm not 100% sure how safe for your teeth it was and it did make my teeth very sensitive. I have also used numerous home whitening kits from the supermarket or drugstore and hadn't ever been really impressed until now...
BlanX have launched their new White Shock range which has a revolutionary patented formula with Actilux®, the active ingredient that uses the power of light to whiten teeth. I've been using the complete range over the past 2 months and I'm really pleased with the results from a product that doesn't contain peroxide or optical whiteners.
First up I've been using the BlanX White tooth paste* which is a non abrasive tooth paste and it tastes really fresh. You just brush your teeth like you would with a regular tooth paste but then place the LED light from BlanX into your mouth which activates the formula and whitens your teeth. You can also screw the BlanX LED cap onto this tooth paste which I will show you below to activate the tooth paste before you brush your teeth. Very clever indeed! I used this tooth paste morning and night.
After I'd used the tooth paste , I then used the BlanX White Shock mouthwash * which my fiance and I really liked. Its super fresh and minty and I really felt like it worked to whiten my teeth more after brushing.
The only product from this range that I wasn't overly Impressed with is the BlanX White Shock Gel Pen*. Designed for on the go whitening and touch ups throughout the day , its perfect for throwing in your handbag but I didn't quite get the whole 'apply the gel to your teeth and leave it' type process as it just felt a little weird on my teeth and I didn't notice my teeth being any whiter. This product is the most expensive product in the range and for me personally I think it's more gimmicky than worth the money.
Its a shame that I didn't really like this product much as I love the rest of the range a lot and think they work amazing for a drugstore brand. The fluffy applicator at the end of the pen is really soft and looked cool when it dispenses the gel but unfortunately for me it didn't do much to my teeth.
As I mentioned above the BlanX White Shock tooth pastes* have a screw on LED accelerator light which you can put on the end of the 50ml and the 75ml to activate the tooth paste when applying it to your tooth brush. 
I'd never seen this sort of gadget before and loved the idea of the light accelerating the tooth paste for a more intense whitening action ( as the packaging claims). And I have to say it does work...that's right it DOES! Surprisingly using this tooth paste morning and night with the mouth wash made a huge difference in the whiteness of my teeth and Craig loved it also. 

It wasn't as whitening as the eBay kit we'd used before but it didn't make my teeth sensitive at all, my teeth felt really clean and much whiter. Especially drinking coffee and Pepsi all the time I needed a whitening tooth paste and we will definitely be purchasing this tooth paste again as it really did work well.
And lastly I have also been using the BlanX white shock intensive whitening treatment* once a fortnight which is great. I don't use it more frequently as I have been using so many whitening products already in my routine that I don't feel the need for an intensive treatment all the time. This product is a good treatment to use when I've applied a face mask, used the intense tooth paste and then I placed the LED light into my mouth and relaxed for 10 minutes to get the full whitening treatment. 
The LED light is awesome its so comfortable to use as you just place it in front of your teeth under your lips and let it work its magic! It also beeps after 10 minutes to let you know that the times up which is an great feature to have and any other LED lights that I've had before from eBay have never had this feature.

Overall I've been really happy with the BlanX White Shock range and its a definite Improvement from their older whitening products. These products actually worked for me and made my teeth much whiter. Craig's teeth are amazingly white anyway but he was super chuffed with how much whiter the BlanX product made his teeth.

Have you tried any of these new BlanX White Shock products? What did you think of them? 

Thanks for reading!

*This post contains PR Samples sent to me for review. My review is 100% honests.

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